At home transmission

I have had my pacemaker for 3 years and it  in the his bundle.

Saturday I sent over a transmission. I know this probably sounds weird. But when I did the transmission, it almost felt like my pacemaker was getting hot. It took a while as where I live doesn't have good cell reception. 

After that I felt what I thought was pvcs. Did a 1 lead ecg and no pvcs. in fact almost all my ecgs I take come up as bad recordings. I've been doing these ecgs for a long while and have never had this happen. The feeling of having a pvc will not go away and it's making me tired and I also have pain but in my back, right behind my heart. 

I know this probably sound so crazy, I didn't want to go to ER for something like this. I did put a call in to my doctor, just waiting for him to call. 





by Old male - 2021-08-19 23:52:44

Not to sound alarming but there are many symptoms related to heart attacks ,spasms,, pain, etc. Might want to consider an ER visit or if the doctor you called can see you soon. My last heart attack felt like someone was squeezing it. Turned out to be a total blocked RCA caused by a plaque rupture. Required 2 stents. Our devices deal with rhythm issues not artery blockages.

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