Post implant pain

Did anyone else have pain 3 weeks after PM implant?  I continue to feel pain along one side of the device and any type of clothing that even touches the area is very irritating.  I also feel like the device has slightly moved.  Am I imagining this or is it possible?  Seems like it shouldn't be painful this long after.


Pain and sensitivity

by Persephone - 2021-08-15 12:44:10

Hi Daisy, yes, members here describe ongoing pain and sensivity to touch after implant.  For instance, the presence of a seat belt across my shoulder was simply intolerable for me for quite a while and I had to pad it, and still have to use the pad for comfort years later.  Bras were uncomfortable so I tried to only wear ones with straps that didn't touch the PM area.  If you feel like your pain is over the top, and also have concerns about the device shifting location, you should contact your medical practice.  

Gemita and other members here have prepared a survey to help assess the post-implant pain people are experiencing:

I hope you're feeling a bit better each day going forward.



Three weeks

by AgentX86 - 2021-08-15 13:27:44

I had very little pain just after implant butt what there was lingered well past three weeks. I

It was sensitive to the touch for about eight months. Like Persephone, after three years I still use a pad (one of the faux sheepskins) to lift the shoulder harness off the PM .

Post implant pain

by Daisy2021 - 2021-08-15 14:27:39

Thank you for your comments. It help reduce the anxiety for sure.

Pain post PM 18months later

by permkassen - 2021-08-26 11:45:02

Hi All, I have had my dual MedPM 18months ago and still have pain on touch and after mowing the lawn or doing some wt lifting. I've been avoiding stretching my arm esp at the shoulder. Sleeping is a problem as the PM does hurt. Anybody expirience this. I also have static over the implant. Because of these symptoms I've been going for a checkup every 3mths thinking there may be a loose connection, but my Cardiologist says all is good. Love hear if any of you have similar problems. My battery life is said to be 6yrs now. How long does the battery last? Thanks in advance

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