Decreased ejection fraction after implantation

Hello everybody!

I have 46 years old and already served a month with my PM implant because a degenerative disease of AV node. Yesterday made me a gamagramma, but it turned out that there is:

1. Slight apical defect that improves in stress in relation to recent PM

2. Dilated left ventricle (VTD 139ml, VTS 71ml) with borderline systolic function, LVEF 49%

3. Important asynchronous contraction of VI with a bandwidth of 240º, standard deviation of 60º, with the last viable contractile segment located in the middle lower side segment

In an echocardiogram that they did a month before implantation, my LVEF was 72% and there was no LV dilation, I have read that a poor placement of the electrode in the RV can cause the LVEF to drop, the LV to dilate and asynchrony occurs

Has something similar happened to anyone?


LV remodelling after prolonged RV-apical pacing

by crustyg - 2021-08-13 07:56:53

There's a whole flame-war waiting for the 'prolonged RV-apical pacing 'causes' LV-remodelling' - but this post isn't intended to trigger it.  The key word is prolonged.

AFAIK, LV remodelling due to / because of non-physiological pacing takes a lot longer to appear than you describe.

Unfortunately, I think it's much more likely that the same disease process that's damaged your AV-node is showing up in your ventricular muscle.

You should talk to your heart docs about this, and perhaps get a genetic test done.

I wish you well.

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