Rough day

Been a tough one. Had a tet a tet with my Cardiologist today. It's one thing to recognize things are winding down, it's still another to have a professionsl whom you respect confirm it. Yeah, yeah. I know we talk about this all the time and my Cardiology team doesn't candy coat things for me...still. 

Seems I've had several more TIAs since last we met, and I lost weight for unplanned reasons.  For the novices thats transient ischemic attacks (mini strokes). The real bummer comes when we agree theres no treatment other than what we are doing. All my recent features point to time winding down.

So I'll cut to the chase, I got some special offers from the Neptune Society offering significant discounts if I act immediately. So, should I get cremated now or risk losing the discount and wait? 


Humbling and sobering thoughts

by crustyg - 2021-08-12 06:32:52

We all know that kids live as if they are immortal, but even in our Senior years we expect there to be a tomorrow, and plan accordingly.  It's a bucket of cold water to realise that the face in the mirror can no longer trust that assumption.

I thing we're long overdue a more widely enacted, legal, calm departure lounge with a large pill and a glass of our preferred tipple.  But *much* more difficult with a life partner/spouse standing by, because then it's a shared decision.

Thanks for sharing.


by Selwyn - 2021-08-12 08:48:57

Ha! I see you have been posting about dying for at least 2 years. I wish you many more posts. I expect eventually, the trumpet will sound for 'The Last Post'!

Of course, the mortality of life is 100%. We are dying from the day of conception.  What is important is the bit in between. Of the many people I have talked to at the end of life, those that seem most at peace are people that have fulfilled their potential as their life has progressed. 

It is sensible to plan for death, as like climbing Everest, we enter the death zone.  Some continue to summit, and achieve great things in their latter days ( I had the honour of knowing a terminally ill lady with breast cancer, raising money for charity, she spent a sponsored  night in a prison cell, and died a few days later with her young family around her). Here in the UK we have an expression, 'It is not over until the fat-lady sings!' ( from the music hall end of show). We need to continue to value what we have to hand and not give life away cheaply. You do not get a refund.

If you pay for your funeral now, the rate is fixed, then in 20 years time, the funeral director will still have to follow your directions. I have seen that done. So economical!

An end of life statement ( a living will ) is wise, unless you want your nearest and dearest to put you in a pickle-jar or freeze you! You may otherwise just end up with tubes sticking out of what remains of your body.  Making a Will is essential. Even planning your funeral will help your nearest and dearest ( our late Prince Phillip did this).

You should have urgent investigation of why  you are getting TIAs. You may need to be anticoagulated. You should be seeing a stroke specialist about your TIAs. TIAs are treated as a medical emergency because of the further risk of stroke and permanent brain damage. Some causes are very treatable.

A second medical opinion is always wise for serious medical problems when there seems to be no further treatment possible. Doctors disagree as to the best management. I have had  serious life threatening cancer diagnoses on more than one occasion, and have received medical advice, everything from  chemotherapy, radiotherapy,  to doing nothing!  If you were dealing with money investments, I doubt you would rely on a single opinion - why treat your health with less respect!

Lastly, anyone having a lot of negative thoughts should consider whether depression is playing a part in their thinking. It is amazing to see people go from planning their deaths (of course, some people succeed) to being active, and enjoying life having had appropriate treatment.

Good of you to post again. Sorry to hear about your rough day.  I hope you continue make the most of your tomorrows and things improve. Long may you continue to annoy your wife!



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