I have another question on my recent AFIB.   Since my HR was 81-82 most days, up from 70, I told my EP and she adjusted the PM somehow so now the HR is decreasing, at 74 now.  What I don't understand is the PM can only keep HR from dropping why has adjusting it lowered the HR?  I know I shoud ask the Dr. but it is quite complicated getting answers.  The pacing % has changed from 80/40 to 35/65% ( which is when the Dr. told me I now had AFIB).  Probably unrelated but having difficult depression in the day until late afternoon and then feel somewhat normal in the evening.  haven't had this problem before and my life is easy and full of great family and friends. OK, I will quit whining now!


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by crustyg - 2021-08-09 11:59:31

Hi Rebecca: your profile is pretty thin, and I can think of a couple of ways in which adjusting a PM might reduce your ventricular rate for someone in established AFib.

At the risk of provoking a flame-war, it's not entirely correct that a PM can only *increase* the ventricular rate, but in general this is true.  But vent-rate in folk in AFib depends on a number of factors.  None of which I know about you (which may be your intention!).

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