After 3 months still soreness.

After 3 months I have started playing golf again.  But I still get some soreness around the pacemaker.   The scar is quite ugly, (surgeon never did needlework as a kid)  Feels as if the scar is rubbing on the top of the pacemaker.   Should  I give it more healing time?


No more healing time but I would advise covering your scar tissue when playing golf

by Gemita - 2021-08-08 06:48:37

Sidney, to help you to enjoy your game of golf I would advise you to perhaps use some padding over your device area to avoid any friction rub.  Healing should be well underway by now and no further restrictions should be necessary.  I expect you have spoken to your doctors about resuming all your usual activities just to be safe.  

I was told to keep my scar tissue as moist as possible using any moisturizer, once healing had taken place.  Keep the scar out of direct sunlight, or use a sun screen.  By around one year my scar had healed and flattened.

Can you update your personal details, please.  You say you are from United Kingdom, Lousiana, Nozay?

healing scar

by new to pace.... - 2021-08-08 07:12:14

Find a licensed  Accupuncturist   to heal the scar tissue.  It will heal faster.  Worked for me.

new to pace


by Persephone - 2021-08-08 12:23:17

Hi Sidney - I also have an unattractive scar that seemed larger than it should have been, but it did flatten out and diminsh quite a lot over the first year.  Give yourself some time and see how it goes, and as Gemita advises, always protect it from the sun

Accupuncture is an interesting idea, New to Pace.  I had not considered that - did you find someone that you trusted would understand how to work around the PM?  I don't even like to get an EKG by trained med techs because they put a sticker right on the scar or right over the device - not sure why it must be placed there, if anybody can fill me in.  


by new to pace.... - 2021-08-08 13:44:12

helps to heal other spots also. if you private message  me and tell me your location can ask her for a name.

new to pace

After 3 months still soreness.

by Sidney Essex - 2021-08-09 04:57:22

Thankyou Gemita and the other replies.   I have updated my details.

I had discomfort too

by Elisabet - 2021-08-09 07:22:03

I had a lot of discomfort at the pacemaker site. Part of that was due to my having no "padding" under my skin in that area due to it being in the radiation field when I was treated for cancer several decades ago. Also, a loop of the lead somehow ended up in between the device and my skin, so it was constantly pinching me if I moved wrong or if anything put even a little pressure on it. This really was limiting. Seatbelts, sportsbras, washing my opposite shouder - so many things were painful. 

Due to a totally unrelated brain bleed that bumped getting this problem addressed to a position way down the list, I lived with it like this for well over a year before I had a pocket revision that set it deeper into the muscle. Anymore, I hardly know it's there. There are a few movements where I feel like there's a doorstop keeping my shoulder from it's entire range of motion, but I suspect that that's rarely an issue for anyone. 

The moral of this story is, tell your provider if it's uncomfortable. It might be part of your healing process, but it might also be something they need to fix. It took me a few months to figure out that maybe it wasn't going to toughen up on it's own. 



by Sidney Essex - 2021-08-09 15:03:36

Thankyou  Elisabet.


by SicSinusCid - 2021-09-03 18:11:05

I feel bad that you have a bothersome scar and scar tissue.  It will take time for some of the soreness to go away especially due to irritation from chest muscles used in golfing.  And although, over time, it most likely will get less sensitive it may never go away completely.  I find that mine (implanted 2017) is still somewhat sensitive to certain things (like if I bump it when showering, or the seat belt strap).  But you will grow more accustomed to it and it won't be as bad as it seems right now.  It will get better.

After 3 months still soreness.

by Sidney Essex - 2021-09-04 06:48:10

Thankyou for that reply.  It seems to slowly be improving.    I am just glad I do not play rugby.

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