Just want to say how comforting and informative this group has been for me.

I have a question.  Does anyone experience pain sometimes in the pacemaker.  I know it is working because I track it on my fit bit

Thanks for your input


Pacemaker area?

by Theknotguy - 2021-08-03 22:12:52


I'm not sure what you mean by pain in the pacemaker?  I'm guessing you mean pain in the pacemaker area.

The answer is yes you can experience pain in that area.  Some people report "ant bites" which are sharp short pains in the area that come and go quickly.  I had sharp pains that would last for about one to two seconds in the pacemaker area.  

Since I didn't have redness, swelling, hot and cold spots, and didn't have a fever the pain was chalked up to nerves healing in the pocket area.  Mine finally went away after about two years.  But then again I was working in a wood shop and was lifting 55 pound 4x8 wood sheets so I was causing more irritation than normal.  

Hope your adjustment to your pacemaker is going well otherwise.  


by TLee - 2021-08-04 10:10:54

If what you feel is soreness or tenderness in the area, I can relate (although I have experienced the ant bite sensation as well). I've had my device since January & still have some mild pain if I push on the area on or around it. Mine is situated very near my armpit, so I can sometimes feel discomfort with some arm movements, or if I sleep wrong on that side. 


by Trebla - 2021-08-04 22:21:57

Thank you for your comments.  It always feels better to know other individuals are experiencing the same or similar situations  

Really appreciated      Trebla

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