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New guy to the forum here.

i am 69 and just had my His bundle ablated (2 weeks ago) and am now pacer dependent. I have been using a pacer since 2003. I have had a mitral valve repair done in 1992 and a pericardial scrapping done in 1993. I had a right side madula stroke in Dec 2020. 95% recovered. My problem is.....I get very short of breath without a lot of exercise and cannot stay away from taking a nap every afternoon. My EP says I need more time to heal. I thought since the bundle being ablated and pacer dependent I would be feeling better. I am better in the Afib and the flopping fish in my chest feeling is all gone but the exhaustion is still there. Sorry for the ramble. 


His ablation

by AgentX86 - 2021-08-03 14:02:34

I assume that's the same deal as an AV ablation? I've heard of av AV ablation, of course, and an AV/His ablation (me) but I've never heard a "His ablation".  Of course, it's possible but aren't these all the same thing?  The process would be the same and the outcomr, the same.

How were you before your ablation? You certainly shouldn't have gone backwards.  It is still early and it may just be a matter of tweaking PM settings but I'd be on them like stink on a skunk if things don't get better in the next month.

I had my AV ablation and implant concurrently. Immediately after (as in - the recovery room), I was ready to go. The high lasted about a month until my body caught up. ;-)

Everyone is different but I don't see any reason there should be any regression.

Check pacemaker settings

by Gotrhythm - 2021-08-03 15:43:11

Based on my recent experience with surgery, my first question would be, "Are my pacemaker settings the same as they were before the surgery? If they're the same, do they need to be changed now that my heart might be responding to pacing differently?"

Things can happen when techs unfamiliar with your device are given the task of putting your device into safe mode. Take nobody's word that your settings were restored afterward. Maybe they were. Maybe they weren't. Ask for an interrogation ASAP.

The worst that can happen is that you'll get an interrogation you didn't need. The best that can happen is that changing settings is an easy fix that will have you feeling better real quick.

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