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For those interested, looks like my diagnostic mystery saga is coming to a close.  After 4 cardiologists and a pulmonologist, I went to see the Director/MD of the Cardiac Performance Center at MGH/Boston.  He was awesome from several angles.  He put together all the pieces and came out with a strong and optimistic diagnosis.  Basically I have complete LBBB, but because of my fitness level many of the tests such as CPET and cadiac cath showed some good test results, and some moderately poor LVEF.  When I had a major climbing accident a few years back that took me a year to recover and get back to training I found my training capacity was severely limited.  Once my skeletal muscular endurance dropped due to the accident and recovery, my LBBB really showed up.

So, bottom line is I now have an appointment for a Boston Scientific CRT-P pacemaker that has both the accelerometer and minute ventilation sensors for rate reaction HR.  On top of that, the EP doing the procedure is using the lastest LB Area Pacing technique and has done more of this procedure than any EP in New England

Once I get up and running, I'll fill in what it feels like


Climber Tom


Oh for a diagnosis !

by Gemita - 2021-07-30 06:33:38

Climber Tom,

That is great news and thank you for sharing.  It is always reassuring to receive a strong confirmed diagnosis to allow us to move forward with confidence.  I must look up the LB Area Pacing technique and anything more you can share with us would be helpful Tom?  I attach a link for further reading if anyone is interested:

Good luck with the CRT-P implant and I hope it will solve many of your current difficulties

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