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My father who is 72 has had a pacemaker fitted on 13 June. He is doing well and has gone back to work, takes my mother shopping and is trying to live an active life. Unfortunately without warning he keeps experiencing going hot and slumping down this only last for a few minutes. When this happens his head goes forward and the colour goes out of his face.

Please could anyone let me know if they have experience this.

Thank you Debbie

Wishing everyone good health


Hi, Debbie,

by Gellia2 - 2007-07-18 04:07:59

I'm not sure I can shed any light on this, but did I feel in a similar manner, perhaps not as severe, though. I would feel weak. A good explanation was that I felt like the blood drained out of my heels. :) My dr. determined they were PVC's and the pacer and my heart had a habit of fighting each other. A deep breath normally "broke" the lightheaded feeling. I just received a new pacer this past week and I don't seem to feel that problem with this one.
It is a Medtronic EnPlus Model E2DR06. It seems to agree with me far better than any before and is much more rate responsive.
My only suggestion is that your Dad go to his dr and tell him. He may be able to program the pacer differently to alleviate your Dad's problem. Best of luck!
I'm sure there are others here that may be able to help you better.

A possibility

by bowlrbob - 2007-07-19 01:07:46

I sometimes get weak and just a bit disoriented I am not sure about Hot but flushed a little. With me it is dehydration. If i stay hydrated I don't get this way. But on extra hot days or if work has me stressed out a little I do get these small episodes. When they do happen i drink some Gatorade or Power aid and eat a saltine cracker or two and this clears up quickly and my energy comes back. My Dr. said to keep the electrolytes up with sports drinks and use a little extra salt when needed. This helps the electrical system keep up. Summer is the worst time it hardly ever happens in winter. I am 65 and have had my pacer for 1 and 1and 1/2 years. But as was said above be sure and ask the Doctor everyone is different. Bowlrbob

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