Swimming with Boston Scientific

After breaking a lead earlier this year, my Medtronic unit was replaced with a Boston Scientific.  I am a lifelong swimmer and the hope was that the new unit would work better for me since it has the minute ventialtion sensor as well as an accelerometer.  So far it is working better for things like cycling and hiking but it is not working well in the pool.  I feel like I've seen a posting on this forum by a gentleman in Australia who is about my age who had set a national record in his age group in a distance freestyle event.  I would be very interested in contacting him if possible to learn what his settings are.  I can't seem to find his post about that.  Can anyone help me locate him or share anything else I might be able to talk to my tech people about.


Swimming with SSS+CI and a PM

by crustyg - 2021-07-24 19:33:21

My Accolade doesn't get my HR up enough for me in freestyle.  I've had the Accelerometer sensitivity increased a little - probably not yet enough, as the MV won't do anything when pool swimming.  Like you I've found it's brilliant for road-cycling and perfectly effective (before adjustments) for running, but swimming is a challenge.

Accelerometer sensitivity and recovery time are the two adjustments I *think* you should start with.  I'm wary about changing Activity Threshold as I don't want to be overpaced when I don't need it, but it's something that's worth discussing with the vendor rep, or perhaps your EP-techs.

Best wishes.

Member iany ?

by Gemita - 2021-07-25 04:50:25


would the above link be the link you were referring to JWren ?  It is a few years old so not sure whether Member Iany still logs on occasionally.  You could try to private message him in the hope that he will see your message?  Scroll down the link towards the end of the thread and you will find iany's comments and mention to national swimming record Australia.  Tap on iany to bring up all his posts/comments.  I see he hasn't completed his Bio but still lots of info.  Good luck

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