Is Laser welding machines save to use with a Biotronic pacemaker

I cannot do welding with my inverter welding machine anymore.  I do now research regarding EMF-free welding machines.   And maybe some members have already done the research.  I need to know if Laser welding machines generate similar EMF (electromagnetic fields).


I'm fairly sure that we've had some posts about MiG- and TiG-welding here

by crustyg - 2021-07-21 15:51:47

Traditional high-current arc-welding is out, but the currents and magnetic fields (and EMF) from shielded welding are much lower.

And a lot depends on exactly how PM-dependant you are: I *think* that there may be a middle road between an absolute ban on any form of welding and a free-for-all.

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Is laser welding machines safe....?

by TAC - 2021-07-22 17:43:00

There are different types of welding machines and different models of pacmakers. For such a serious matter I would ask the question directly to your electrophisiologist. 

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