pacemaker modem

I have had a pacemaker for 8 years now, when I had it fitted I was supplied with a modem which I have near my bed, the light on the modem is always green , however it changed its colour to yellow the other day , it has now returned back to green, does anyone know what that may mean ?


Indicator light

by Gemita - 2021-07-16 04:58:02

I see you have a Biotronik Evia model pacemaker.  I recall one member mentioning that amber light could indicate that there was an upgrade/download taking place automatically.  

In view of the fact that you have never noticed amber light before (?) I would ask your clinic for advice to see whether they have been successfully receiving your downloads, or ask them, or the manufacturer, to check your modem just to be on the safe side, to see whether it is still functioning as it should.  I see the modem is 8 years old.  I would also refer to your manual under troubleshooting for likely causes - e.g. temporary loss/interruption mains power supply or connectivity issues?

I used to have a Medtronic bedside monitor which would often flash amber when it was preparing to download and then it would settle back to green on completion transmission.  I now use Medtronic MyCareLink smart patient reader to transmit data to my clinic, using my iPhone APP.  It works very well and will be less bulky to carry with me when I am away from home.  I don't know whether an upgrade of your current system would be available to you?

Hope you get some answers and reassurance that your modem is not faulty, although might be a good time to ask for an upgrade of your hardware?

Amber light

by AgentX86 - 2021-07-16 14:16:06

If you have a separate puck that you place over your PM to do the interrogation, my bet is that this is a battery charging indicator.  When it's green the battery is at full charge and amber, not so full and charging.  If there was a recent power outage or even bad/dirty/not placed correctlu contacts, it would need to recharge when all was made right.  At least that's my SWAG.

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