Uk patients check-ups?

Hi there,

I have been having (remote) checkups yearly since implantation in 2012 but my last 2 were each after 6 months and after that last one I've had a letter asking me to attend an appointment next week (rather than the usual 'satisfactory results' letter).

So I'm wondering if it's normal to have appointments that are more often due to my age (I'm now 60) or because my batteries are nearing replacement time? I'm just hoping it's not for anything else 🥴



Checks more often

by AgentX86 - 2021-07-10 20:41:15

I'm not from the UK but it's not your age (you're still a pup ;-).  A pacemaker's gas gauge is only crude estimates of remaining charge.  To make sure your PMs get it replaced before the battery is comlpetely drained, they'll reduce the time between interrogations so they can keep closer track of its condition.  By watching it, they have a better idea of just how much longer it'll last.

Thank you

by Diamond Jules - 2021-07-11 03:59:33

Thank you ☺️ 

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