while jogging and JUMPING the chest and PM all jumps and jumps , doesn't it hurt the leads all these jumps ? 


Compression shirt

by Persephone - 2021-07-10 19:29:46

Could you wear a compression shirt to give you some support?  I'm not sure telling women that they're lucky they can wear a bra is a positive message - there are many issues that go along with it and it's not a panacea.  Hopefully you'll find a solution.

Sports bra

by AgentX86 - 2021-07-10 20:44:31

It may be uncomfortable but there shouldn't be any problem.  The only concern I'd have is a small probablility that the PM would trear loose from its anchor and migrate.  You're not going to hurt the leads.  There is a lot of slack in them to allow your arm to extend completely (after everything settles in).

Activity & PMs

by Selwyn - 2021-07-11 07:44:34

In general what goes up must come down!  Everything slips and slides and moves together.  Everything from balls to brain!

Having said that there is such a thing as a de-acceleration injury. So, if you come to a sudden stop there can be a tearing of tissues - the de-acceleration is generally due to mechanical acceleration ( eg. vehicles, aeroplanes etc. That is why most air crashes end up with you in pieces, and why the safety advice for passengers  is to roll into a ball, in the knee elbow position) . Concussion is well described in the sports world. You can do a lot of internal damage with sudden de-acceleration, my sister-in-law dying from such a head injury having fallen off her pedal bicycle ( contra coupe injury: -wearing a helmet would not stop this. 

The forces caused by physical  jumping ( unless you choose to jump from a great height and hit the ground)  are not sufficient to cause tissue damage.  Our PMs are internally fixed and move with the chest wall.

The leads are meant to be flexed. Occasionally a rogue lead fractures.  That is why lead  impedance is checked at your PM check up.  I have a small fracture or increase in impedance  in one of my leads ( this means it needs more electricity to stimulate my heart, however, luckily for me, I hardly ever use that lead. Having said that it is important when it is used!).

The advice to wear some sort of 'athletic support' seems sensible and  is well know by the canny, kilt wearing   Scots,  that's why they call them 'Jock straps"?! This solves the age old question of what the Scotsman wears under his kilt.  It does seem reasonable advice to keep wobbly bits supported. 

[ My apologies to the Scots for the humour. The following is of interest:

 Early bicycles, called penny farthings, had a giant front wheel and a tiny back wheel. People who rode them were called "bicycle jockeys," a term borrowed from horse racing.  Riders wore athletic supporters, called "bicycle jockey straps," later shortened to jock strap. Why did riders need jock straps? I've never ridden a penny farthing, but I've always imagined that if I did, the answer would become clear.]


by doublehorn48 - 2021-07-12 12:24:21

I see that you have a medtronic pm.  Medtronic is the sponsor for the Twin Cities Marathon.  They encourage people with pm's to participate.  A lot of people on this site have been running for decades with a pm.  Go outside and start running.

Have a great life,


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