Question for admin about spam

Hi all of you great people working to run this site - I am very appreciative of your efforts.  I included an internet link in a recent posting; while the link was to a secure (https) site, should the inclusion of links be avoided to minimize spam?  Thanks.


We try our best

by Gemita - 2021-07-04 18:30:51

Hello Persephone,

I don’t see why we should modify our behaviour because of unwelcome spammers, particularly if the link provided by a member is highly relevant/informative to the thread’s initial question.  Many of us use helpful links.  I do not know whether new members are allowed to include a link in their first post or first comments to posts, for example.  Perhaps they need to prove their authenticity first.  Hopefully Admin will see your post and kindly confirm what the rules are for posting relevant links to support our own posts or to support our comments to other members’ posts?  I am not aware of any restrictions Persephone, except clearly where links are found to lead to advertising websites.  These spammers will be quickly removed.

I sometimes find multiple posts from the same spammers going back some years when doing general searches.  What would be helpful is that whenever a member sees clear evidence of spamming, to send me the User Name(s) by Private Message so that I can locate all their posts quickly and if they are all irrelevant comments linked to advertising sites for instance, I can delete their accounts.  

The best way to deal with spammers is for all of us to keep a close eye on forum messages and to report any suspicious activity to either Tracey_E or me as soon as possible, so that we can remove inappropriate messages quickly.

Thank you for your continued support Persephone.  It is a pleasure to try to keep the Pacemaker Club clean for members who clearly appreciate the enormity of the task. 

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