Hi all, glad i found this site ! Great to get advice from others who have been through some of the same issues. First where on the site can I go to read the concerns of others past & present & member quotes. I had my pm implanted in Feb 2021 all went well for the first 2 months felt fine ,u could barely see it ,  then 3rd month pm started to migrate to axilla area ,very uncomfortable & causing pain in my shoulder & side of neck. MD said he only sutured it with 1 row of sutures . Had to go back for repositioning of the pm . It was more painful then the original implant, even under local I felt all the pulling & pushing to get it back to original position. Now day 5 & still painful ,swelling starting to subside but shoulder /neck still no relief. Pls any of u that have had similar situation pls let me know how it was for u . Will be much appreciated. Thx


Device repositioning

by Gemita - 2021-06-29 10:05:24

Hotcleopatra, what an interesting user name!

I am very sorry to hear of your difficulties.  So many of us experience painful symptoms following device implant which sadly can be normal until healing takes place (anything from 6 weeks, to several months is usually the norm for healing although sometimes longer, especially with complications). 

When the pacemaker moves slightly out of position, providing it is not floating around or flipping over and providing it is not causing too much discomfort to the patient, doctors sometimes prefer to leave it well alone until the next battery (device) change.  In your case you and your team decided it would be better to reposition it.  Unfortunately following a recent first implant (Feb 2021) you are bound to hurt more because everything around the area is still very tender.

I found I had neck and pacemaker side shoulder discomfort for several months following my implant.  Because I was told to refrain from using my pacemaker side arm for several weeks (at least not to raise it above shoulder level or to carry anything too heavy), I found that my left shoulder became very achy and painful from disuse.  It is important to stay as mobile as you can without "overstretching" the pacemaker side arm.  This hopefully will prevent it from becoming permanently stiff and developing a condition called a “frozen shoulder" which can be difficult to treat and take a long long time to resolve, even with physical therapy.

If you use the Search facility (press “Q” - next to Login on this site), you will get a box up showing “Search forums….”  If you type in reposition you will get lots of hits on pacemaker movement.  Alternatively, type in pain and that will also give you lots of posts from members experiencing pain and other complications following implant procedures.  Give me a shout if you have trouble and I will post the link(s).  

Using the Search facility on any subject pacemaker related and also asking members questions by posting a message is really the best way to learn about members experience and about your pacemaker.  If you cannot find something, just post a message and someone will try to help.  Members Quotes:  cannot help you there.  We get new quotes up regularly so just enjoy the new quotes as they appear.  I love the new quote:  "In life we have to consider what is more important, the loss of the vanity or the gain of the life".  I know which one I would choose.  How about you?

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by Persephone - 2021-06-29 11:54:04

Oh my, Gemita - I haven't been perusing the member quote section recently, and I see I've been missing out - the one you reference speaks volumes!  Thank you for sharing - made my day.


by Julros - 2021-06-29 14:49:09

I am sorry you are having to endure this. I saw physical therapy for pain and swelling that still hadn't subsided after 4 months. He felt I had nerve damage and gave me exercises that really helped. In doing more research I realized many of them were similiar to what is prescribed for women after breast surgery. I also found that heat was more helpful than cold for pain control. 

Be sure that you have no restrictions  from your doctor before before starting PT/exercises.  


by Hotcleopatra - 2021-06-30 17:16:29

Thx for ur input . Yes I found that warm compresses to the incision site is helping . Since it's so recent ( only been 1wk since repositioning) hopefully in time the neck /shoulder pain will subside or I may try pt as u suggested.

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