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On June 14,2021 received an email  from Medtronic saying successful remote transmission. (Pacemaker implanted Aug. 19,2019). I waited a couple of days then called the Heart  Center asking for a copy of the summary page.  Said they would put it up front  at the check in and i could pick it up.  Then the tech say was noticed that i had a couple of nites(10pm) where the beat was fast 150, 148-170 for 20 minutes.  Said she sent it to the EP(in the same office) and his nurse would call if something further.  Finally on June 25,2021 the Cardiologist's nurse called.  Said that both had confirmed and the ED said to the cardiologist what did she think.  She said an Echo so am having an Echo on July 8th with the results on July 13.  Might be leaking valves.  i said since this started no one had asked about my heart murmur, or mytrle(sp)  valve .

I said what could cause the fast beats and not all the time?  Then asked when these were said near the end of May.  I thought back to then, nurse said could be dehydation, to much salt.  Then i realized the salt might be the it.  Has had stocked up on snacks for the holiday.  Now will not do that for this coming one.

That said my right leg is starting to swell again, wondering if all related.  Now have support stockings on and will drasticlly increase my water intake.  Had started walking more, would find big box stores and walk the whole  inside ,even found an empty mall and walked that

  Activity rate for the last week of the period was 3.9 hours a day. Still pacing around 44%.

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Do you have a leaky Triscupid valve ?

by Gemita - 2021-06-26 13:33:45

Hello New to Pace,

I am sorry to hear of your high heart rates at around 10 pm, for a couple of nights.  Was this just when you were drifting into sleep, or were you still awake?  Another question, did you notice the fast heart rates or were you unaffected by them?  

Intermittent fast heart rates are very normal for me because of all my arrhythmias and my doctors are not too concerned, especially if they stop fairly promptly and the heart rate is well controlled.  I would be fairly symptomatic if my heart rate reached between 150-170 bpm for 20 minutes or longer, so I would be surprised if you didn't feel these episodes.

Many conditions can cause an intermittent fast heart rate from infection, dehydration, high blood pressure, imbalance of electrolytes, anaemia to coronary artery disease, valve disease, thyroid disease, stress, anxiety and of course sleep apnea, autoimmune inflammatory diseases, diabetes and diet/too much caffeine and caffeine is in chocolate too.  Look at your medicines too.  Did your doctors tell you what was actually seen?  For example an atrial tachyarrhythmia like Atrial Flutter, Fibrillation or Atrial Tachycardia?

I wouldn't just wonder what has caused/be causing your symptoms, I would actively keep a close eye on things from now on and see your general doctor for some checks if your tachycardia returns.  A swollen leg needs looking at.  Did you mention this to your doctors?

I am reassured you will be having an echocardiogram New to Pace to see how well your heart is functioning.  That is vital now.  I do wish you well and hope that the tachycardia is not occurring regularly.

remote transmission

by new to pace.... - 2021-06-26 13:50:52

Thanks Germita for your thoughtful answers and questions.  I have not felt them.. Just drifting off to sleep.   Will have to keep an detailed if i remember, if i fall asleep right away or hard time.  Interesting that this has just started happening.

Might be the mitrail valve.  As it has been noticed before but not with the pacemaker tests in Aug 2019.

  Will see the caridologist on the 13th after the Echo.  Thinking will try and schedule with the Vascular Surgeron the ultra sound of the leg.  Have had problems off and on with the leg.  He has told me to wear support stockings which are a pain this time of year.  Do see him the end of Aug for the ultrasound of the caratoids.  Which in the past have been 45%.  So have been seeing him every 2 years.  he wanted more time between, but his office said if more time i would fall out of the computer and be a new person.

new to pace

Yes, that would be sensible to get an opinion from the Vascular Surgeon

by Gemita - 2021-06-26 14:05:23

New to Pace, if the swelling is in one leg only, this would concern me and I think it would be very helpful to get an opinion from the Vascular Surgeon quickly, especially with the recent tachy symptoms, unless you have edema in both legs caused by any heart condition you might have.  However, the fact that you didn't seem to notice your high heart rates - 148-170 bpm - tells me that your heart is pretty strong.  At those speeds I usually get breathless and chest discomfort.

Take good care New to Pace and please report any increase in leg swelling, or any changes in leg appearance or discomfort urgently if you need to.  I note however your vascular surgeon is aware of your right leg problem, but nonetheless, any changes need to be reported.

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