Teeth extraction

I have to have a tooth extraction on Monday. Any issues with the pm? Thank you as always 


No Issues

by Theknotguy - 2021-06-21 20:39:07

They used to make you take antibiotics because of the pacemaker, but that isn't needed anymore.  No other issues because of the pacemaker.  

Hope everything goes well. 

dental visit

by Julros - 2021-06-21 21:52:30

My only thought is are you on any anticoagulant? Though not technically related to pm, some of us take them for underlying afib or aflutter. If this is the case I would check with dr. I had a filling done last year and it was a big, bloody mess and I was there seemlingly forever. 

Dental surgery

by AgentX86 - 2021-06-21 23:15:05

ANY surgery should have the clearance of your cardiologist or EP.  There are many factors that go into the decision, including anticoagulants and anesthesia.  I'm surprised the oral surgeon will do the work without the clearance.  Mine surely wouldn't even touch me without clearance and even then refused to us a general.  Gas was a gas, though. 

Dental care with a pacemaker

by Gemita - 2021-06-22 05:00:35

Brains, I see from your history this is the third time you have asked about tooth extraction in 2 months, so I am assuming if you went ahead with the first extraction, as planned, you will already have a wealth of knowledge from speaking to your doctors, consulting different dentists and from all the helpful replies you have received from members here, if you care to look again at your previous posts.  I presume you saw our replies to your first two messages on the same subject?

My dentist (and I am also in the UK) is aware of my pacemaker, my health conditions leading up to needing a pacemaker and my medication.  My teeth and gums fortunately are healthy and I have not had any extractions in three years.  I have however had scaling (with hand instruments only).  

My main concern for an extraction would be my anticoagulant and the higher risk of blood loss during extraction procedure, but if you are not taking an anticoagulant that is one less problem to be concerned about.  The other concern would be the anaesthesia.  With an arrhythmia history and my experience in the last few years, any anaesthesia has clearly led to tachyarrhythmias during and after a medical procedure, which is why you should get clearance from both your cardiologist and dentist to be on the safe side.  Also if for instance you have heart valve problems, you may require antibiotic therapy during an extraction, which is why you need to be asking your cardiologist/dentist these questions. 

If your main problem is none of the above, but perhaps anxiety and fear, then you could always ask to be referred (perhaps) to a dental hospital for the extraction.  If a good dentist is in any doubt about how to proceed, I am sure he/she will consult with your medical team in any event.  Hope everything goes well and please get that decayed tooth out quickly before any infection spreads systemically, that is perhaps the most important advice I can give you

I was told to ALWAYS pretreat with antibiotics

by asully - 2021-06-26 03:13:47

I have found that the dentists will vary on whether they think it needs to be done or not, but the cardiologists always say pretreat.  This is true if you have any "synthetic" bits or bobs from pacemakers to artificial valves.  Artificial parts are known to hold on to bacteria and if they become infected can cause big big trouble like sepsis.  Check with your cardiologist first, but likely they will want you to take an antibiotic, the mouth is full of germs, and if those buggers get into you blood stream it can become a nightmare.

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