Supercar insurance

I am going to castle coombe for a supercar experience next week and suddenly thought about my pacemaker. Any advice? Will this be ok?  Thank you as always 


Super car experience

by AgentX86 - 2021-06-20 10:34:41

Probably.  Maybe.  My EP is quite conservative with me because I'm completely dependent and have no escape rhytm at all.  He's prohibited me from being within 2' of an alternator because of the danger of oversensing. 

Oversensing is where the pacemaker senses an EMI/magnetic event to be interpreted by the PM as a natural beat, so inhibits the next paced beat.  String these together and the pacemaker doesn't do anything.

In my case the pacemaker doing nothing means that my heart does nothing, hence the ultra-conservative restriction. Most have a lesser restriction because oversensing wouldn't be as serious.  In most, it would simply turn the heart beats over the natural pacemaker.  If the heart can get by with a normal beat, all's good - sorta. 

There is a reason that each of us has a pacemaker.  Most have Bradycardia or maybe even pauses. Maybe this isn't dangerous in a normal situation but neither would be a good while driving a supercar. 

Most of these cars shouldn't be any more of a problem than your personal car but the rear-engine open-wheeled cars would worry me.  The alternator might be right behind the driver's back.  It's just a guess but would be enought for me to avoid them (the most interesting cars, IMO).

Bottom line, what does your EP say?  He should have given some general rules for your case (but may not have anticipated this sort of activity).


Super car experience

by TAC - 2021-06-20 12:17:33

I would first consider getting an application for a smart phone that meassures magnetic fields. I have one and in case of doubt I always check the electromagnetic field. Many times when I'm afraid of certain situatons, meassuring the magnetic field with my iphone tells me if I'm right or wrong. 


by AgentX86 - 2021-06-20 12:25:43

No, it doesn't.  It measures the static field, which isn't the problem.


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