Heart rate of 120

Hello all , just wanted to confirm with you all if its normal to have heart rate of 120 . My dad just had pacemaker surgery last month and doctor suggested to lower the heart rate. He started Ivarbrad 5mg medication , but after couple of days my dad started facing breathing issues. So we thought of stopping the medicine and after that the heart rate varies from 90-130 . Our cardiologist is off for a month and we are not comfortable taking medication from someone else. Just wondering if this heart rate is not too much . After stopping the medication , their is kmprovement in breathing issue ... not entirely gone we just stopped yesterday mornig . Thanks


Find a cardiac electrophysiologist NOW

by ar_vin - 2021-06-18 17:37:49

First I would suggest you seek out a competent cardiac electrophysiologist as soon as possible and consult him/her especially someone who doesn't abandon his/her patients for a month!

Without knowing the underlying cause of the PM implant it's impossible for anyone to provide a meaningful response.

There could be a range of things to consider: the underlying condition, PM settings (and why they are set as they are), complications, effects of medications.......

I'm not trying to scare you but your father needs competent care NOW not one month from now.



Thanks for suggestion

by NehaB - 2021-06-18 19:49:39

Thanks for suggestion , appreciate it. We had appointment with another cardiologist and they put him in another couple of pulse regulating medicines along with beta blockers. We are very scared to start other medicines again without consent ofnour doctor. We just haave booked appointment with another cardiologist for monday. I just wanted to check if anyone else having this pulse rate as well . 


by AgentX86 - 2021-06-18 20:30:38

A resting heart rate of 120bpm is very dangerous, at least long term. Anything over 100bpm is technically "tachycardia" which will likely end up in cardiomyopathy (or if there already, make it much worse).

I agree with ar_vin.  He needs an epectrophysiologist (EP), now!  This is beyond the scope of cardiology and is clearly in the domain of an EP.

Don't stop any medication without direction of a doctor who is competent in the dicipline.  A GP isn't going to cut it here .  If he has trouble breathing, an ER is in order, hopefully one large enough to have a cardiologist on call.  In any case, don't put up with any doctor who leaves you in purgatory for a month.  That's just not acceptable.

Heart rate of 120

by sandoval - 2021-06-18 21:35:07

I had HR of 110 doing nothing which went down when I walked out and about to normal. I'm getting a Holter monitor on Monday but in the 6 weeks I've been waiting I tried various breathing techniques which help to the point I'm not sure I need the Holter now but may as well just in case. One method is called the Buteyko method but there are several others. Worth looking at before trying new drugs imo.

Get immediate competent EP help NOW

by ar_vin - 2021-06-18 22:19:38

If you care about the patient's health and wellbeing, you need a competent EP to investigate and get to the bottom of his high heart rate. Until they know why, any "treatment" could only lead to further complications.

This forum should NEVER be used a source of medical advice! It's a great place for PM recipients to share their experiences but NOT a substitute for the kind of medical help your father needs NOW.

You haven't posted any details or background about your father's medical history or your geographic location. But all that can wait.

Concerned about your father.

by Pharnowa - 2021-06-18 22:42:58

I understand he is in India and circumstances are not good with Covid and medical care period.

You mentioned in a previous post he had Bypass surgery 12/31 and is in heart failure. I think that explains some of this, but I urge you to find as optimal care as you're able.  It's so dangerous for you to stop or start cardiac medicines without competent cardiac guidance. With heart failure he can seem better some days. 

I'm wondering if your cardiologist is missing because of the circumstances of Covid? I would do the best you can to find your father a doctor. I do understand how difficult that might be at this time.

Best to you both.

Heart rate of 120

by TAC - 2021-06-19 11:26:25

A heart rate is 120 is not normal. Your father has heart failure and that was the reason why he was prescribed Ivarbrad. This medication helps to slow down the heart rate and improve the pumping action of the heart. The breathing problem could be a symptm of his heart failure and not a side effect from his medicine. The pacemaker will not cure his heart failure. It was probably placed to prevent ventricular fibrillation with a built-in defibrillator. You father needs follow up. He must have already an electrophisiologist, the one that implanted the PM. His medical condition appears to be very delicate.

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