Small frames and sub muscular CRT-D

Ok so over 2 weeks abdominal explant and the shoulder sub muscular placement of my icd.  All the swelling is gone and it's healed up wonderfully.  Problem is the dang thing hurts anytime I move my arm/shoulder, try to lay on that side etc.  Docs say it's my small frame and that I am just going to be uncomfortable until it comes out.  Using ice packs and Tylenol but it seems to be getting worse not better, for example muscle cramping around the shoulder joint.  Anyone with small frames have suggestions for me other than what my doctors say which is "just use the other side". Which of course has my milrinone line placed subclavian.  Stretches?  Or maybe some words of encouragement that my body will get used to it and stop hurting?


Sub muscular placement

by ar_vin - 2021-06-15 21:10:33

I'm an older guy but quite small framed; and I was implanted with a sub-pectoral, regular PM not a CRT-D almost three years back.

That said, I never really felt too much discomfort after my implant once the surgical wound had healed. But any hard workouts with heavier weights or doing pull ups does cause some discomfort in the PM area. Icing the site takes care of the achiness; I never take any pain pills of any kind for it.

Sorry I'm not much help but I think your discomfort ought to ease over time: your body will heal and you'll get used to having the darned thing in you. The only good thing is that the CRT-D keeps you ticking until you get a brand new organic ticker! We're all rooting for that to happen sooner than later.

Take care and please keep your posts coming.



Post Op pain

by Gemita - 2021-06-16 04:16:19

Firstly, dear Asully, I hope we get good news from the heart transplant committee today and that you will be placed in a prominent position on the waiting list.

Unfortunately as you will know from reading PM Club messages, post op pain is very common so soon after device placement and it is still very early days for you.  The pain after submuscular implants is much more intense I believe than for the standard under the skin implant, so you need to allow more time for healing, particularly as you are so weakened from your heart failure and trauma of all your intervention and stress from what lies ahead.  Oh my goodness, who wouldn't be hurting.  You are so brave . . . just keep moving slowly forward, that is all we ask.

I too am small framed and in certain positions (like bending forward or sleeping on left side, this can often lead to a pinched or uncomfortable compression type feeling around my device which can be so unpleasant.  I believe my device is pushing up against the collarbone in certain positions triggering these symptoms.  Perhaps I should have had my device buried deeper.  All I can say dear Asully is that the pain will ease with time (mine did considerably after about one month) and continued to settle over three months.  I found warmth more of a healer than icing. 

But let us hope that this is only a temporary problem for you and that you will soon have a new heart to help treat most of your heart conditions, when your device can be safely removed.  Please let us know the news as soon as you hear anything.  I am hoping for the very best outcome.

Gemita thanks for the heat tip!

by asully - 2021-06-17 00:52:03

What your describing, the pinch against the bone is what's really bugging me the most!  That's exactly what I fell lmao! Good to know the nerves will calm down, it's just such a HUGE device in such a terrible position lmao.  I miss the days of my tiny little abdominal pacer I never even noticed.  Who knows maybe I'll get really lucky and the darn thing will get to come out sooner rather than later!  Going to put a heat pack on it now!

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