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Hi Folks,

I was wondering if anyone here had experience trying to get nursing home insurance after their pacemaker implant?  I'm single, no kids, and reaching that age where I need to start looking around for insurance since there's a darned good chance I'll need it someday.  I remember as a kid, my dad couldn't get life insurance on me (over 40 years later, boy did they loose out).  So, now I'm wondering if nursing home insurnace will be difficult if not impossible.  You'd think all the years I've had a pacer would make it a non-issue, but I'm dubious.  So, I was interested in seeing if anyone here had gone through the process successfully?




Long-term care insurance

by AgentX86 - 2021-06-10 22:50:05

That's the name of the insurance you're looking for.  I don't know if a pacemaker will be an issue in getting coverage but  I suspect it would cost more.  The only way to know is to apply.  Your age (I did read you bio - amazing) is going for you.  It's probably the best time to buy LTC.

Be careful who you choose for LTC insurance.  It's my understanding that this coverage was underpriced for several years and the insurance companies may be making up for it now, or will in the near future. And, like all insurance, who you deal with is critical.  Reputation and size are everything.


by TreLL65 - 2021-06-11 11:23:56

Yes -- Long-terrn is the correct 'term.' :-)  I just still think of it as 'nursing home.'  My state has a 'protected assests' program that I'd like to take advantage of, so I'm targeting the participating insurance companies first.  If I have no luck, I'll probably try State Farm next, since my car, etc is through them.  After that I'll have to do additional research on companies...being a trained reference librarian comes in handy sometimes.

I know I have to bite the bullet and contact the places, I just figured it wouldn't hurt to see if anyone here had successfully gotten the insurance, and what, if any, arguments worked. :-)   Thanks for the reply and advice.  And, kudos for getting through my bio...I know I'm a motor mouth!


You are amazing!

by LORIAAA - 2021-06-11 21:32:12

I don't have an answer to your question.  
When I was researching LTC I started with:

Clark Howard site






Clark Howard

by AgentX86 - 2021-06-12 00:03:03

Clark is a very good source of information, particularly of the financial sort.  His site is really good and his podcast is pretty good too.  I've been going through retirement planning (the other end of "planning) with a Fidelity planner (free).  Anyway, he sent me Clark's comparisons of investment companies.  Not surprising that Fidelty came out at or near the top.  I knew that and had just read the same article.

I just wanted to say that he is a very good resource.  Any advertising on his site or podcast is blind. 

Great site!

by TreLL65 - 2021-06-14 13:06:12

Thank you, AgentX86 & LORIAA for the referral to Clark Howard!  He brought up some great points regarding what to look for in a LTC policy.  I'm going to thoroughly explore his site.

LORIAA...thanks for the shout out.  I think everyone here is pretty amazing, especially all those who manage to take time out of their busy lives to respond to questions regularly.  This site wouldn't succeed without them.

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