Backpacks / rucksacks / daysacks

Hi I'm new here - I came as I saw lots of old discussions on Google search but no real answers. 

I'm on my third pacemaker. This one was put in about three years ago. It's perfectly settled and I don't notice it too much unless it gets poked or pressed. 

I do a lot of walking. Just day walks with a 20 litre bag. My walks are what my friends call long - 15 to 20 miles. 

Recently I notice it gets sore where the bag's left strap crosses the site. I try to take the weight mainly on my waist but it is only a little backpack.

Previous discussions seemed to cover big backpacks with substantial waist bands to put the weight on hips. I didn't see much about smaller bags. 

My "manbag" I can wear crossways over my right shoulder but it is no good for a day out.

Has anyone got this issue sorted?

Thanks,  Mark. 



by AgentX86 - 2021-06-10 18:40:02

I also do what you might consider less-long walks (10mi/day) but don't carry anything with me other than a watch, phone, and buds.

One of the advertisers on the club has a PM shield that may do what you want:


I haven't tried it so...

Pack straps etc

by ar_vin - 2021-06-10 20:07:18

Like the OP I carry a pack when I go for longer hikes, runs etc

Knowing this *before* I got my PM, I requested and received a sub-pectoral PM implant. Once the healing process was complete I've been able to carry up to 45 lb packs with no problem at all while hiking or a smaller pack while running trails. Running jostles the pack around a lot more as one would expect but it doesn't cause much discomfort.

I would guess your PM is not sub-pectoral; you could request that the next one is placed under the muscle.

Sorry I don't have much else to offer.



by MarkC - 2021-06-11 02:38:04

Thanks. I shall check out the shield. When wearing a jacket it isn't an issue but as warmer weather is here and I am just wearing a technical t-shirt I am noticing it more.

Shield not for me.

by MarkC - 2021-06-11 07:48:12

I looked at the shield. It's a lot of money for what it is - and I don't need a t-shirt with a pocket in the chest: I'm already wearing clothes that I want to wear.

I guess I'm going to have to find a way to pad the strap out where it goes over my PM. I had hoped that someone might be making a bag-strap padding clip-on or some such.

Strap Pad

by Mike417 - 2021-06-11 17:57:43

Go to your local auto parts store and look for a seat belt pad.  This is what I use, with some additional velcro to keep it on the strap.  Also sold on Amazon, and women that have had radiation treatment for breast cancer.


Seat belt pad

by MarkC - 2021-06-18 08:54:31

Thanks, Mike. That's a good call. I'll give those a look over. :D

Backpacking with a pacemaker

by LaserDad - 2021-07-26 23:37:57

I was lucky enough to have read about issues when wearing a backpack, so I had a discussion with my surgeon, before he installed my PM.  He was concerned about the length of the wires, but said that he had enough to put it where we discussed.

My PM is a Medtronic Azure, so others might not have long enough leads.  If you backpack, bring your pack to his office.  Once the PM is installed, you are stuck with that location, so you need to make sure it's done right.

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