After Surgery

I had a lead extraction done on June 3rd and a new Defib/pacer MRI compatible put in. Tonight June 9th my incision is leaking a light pink fluid. Is that normal or should I get it check out.


Please get it checked as soon as possible

by Gemita - 2021-06-10 02:33:25

Knowing the dangers of a potential infection, an oozing wound could spell trouble.  I would go for a wound check immediately to rule out infection which could spread quickly and cause serious damage to your heart.  They can do a "culture" check and confirm the actual bacteria present and start immediate, appropriate treatment if required.  Is there any swelling, any redness, any nasty odour coming from the wound?  These would be worrying signs. 

Please do not delay seeking help.  A small amount of oozing may be part of normal healing but I would go for an immediate check just to be safe.  I would have expected oozing for the first couple of days but on day six, the wound should be sealed and dry and any new oozing could be a cause for concern.  In the meantime, keep it covered and dry.  An infection, if present, needs urgent treatment.  Please let us know what your doctors say.  I hope otherwise you are healing well after your procedure.

get it checked

by Tracey_E - 2021-06-10 08:30:22

6 days is probably a little fast for infection to set in but better safe than sorry. When in doubt, get it checked.

After Surgery

by sugdaro2005 - 2021-06-14 02:20:36

I went to the ER after I posted the question. I was admitted on 6/10 with an infection and started on antibotics. I was discharged on 6/12 even though my incision is this ozing and still is as of right now. I go to see my cardiogist tomorrow at 2 pm and I am very concerned that it has not stopped ozing out. I was discharged with antibics to take at home for a week. I am losing faith in the doctors at this point.

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