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Hi im frm Malaysia. Glad to be in this group. My father today undergo Pacemaker surgery 68 years old his pulse wos 35bpm before now set to 55bpm. Any painkiller other than panadol?

What should be follow post surgery at home. What food to follow and to avoid. Can use oximeter at home once he discharged? Can use bp hand cheker to check bp? Thank you




by Tracey_E - 2021-06-03 10:06:20

Doctors vary what pain reliever they prescribe. Many of us get by with just over the counter pain meds, no need for anything more. Ice will help with the pain.

This is very minor surgery and a simple fix for the heart. He can eat what he wants. No need to bother with an oximeter or bp unless he has other problems or doesn't feel well. 

New pacemaker

by AgentX86 - 2021-06-03 16:59:00

Other than proscriptions like extending or raising the arm, weight lifting, and such, there really isn't anything special that he needs to do.  The wound must absolutely be kept clean and dry for the next week or so (varies by doctor and type of closings used).  I was told not to touch the bandage, get it dirty, or get it wet, under any circumstances for that week.  I could shower after the third day but to keep the area dry.  By far, the biggest risk is infection.  You simply can't risk it.

As far as pain meds go.  I was given some really strong painkillers but didn't need anything. I got rid of the entire bottle the next week.  Some aren't so lucky.  If he was given a narcotic, it can be used or over-the-counter pain meds can be used. Some use ice to reduce pain.  I find just the opposite.  For me, ice is far more painful than whatever pain it's supposed to deaden.  The pain usually subsides in a few days.

Foods?  His favorite, of course. Spoil him for a few days then send him back to work.  ;-)

Unless your doctor has told him that he needs to monitor his PulseOx, heart rate, or blood pressure, there is no need for any of it.  For pulse rate, the best tool is his finger and a clock with a second hand.  Count fifteen seconds and multiply by four.

Don't worry about him too much.  This is simple stuff.

Thank you

by Gayy2525 - 2021-06-04 03:59:04

Thank you so much. My dad has been discharges. His pacemaker sett at 55bpm. Before discharged it wos 90bpm. Is it normal  if pacemaker setting at 55bpm but heart rate more than that.

Here in Malaysia is lockdown bz of Covid unable to see the doctor before discharged. Is it normal heart beat above serting in pacemaker.



Normal heart rate range is between 60-100 bpm

by Gemita - 2021-06-04 04:19:53

Hello, yes 90 bpm is still within normal range for heart rate.  If you consider your Dad has been through a procedure which has traumatised his heart, an increase in his heart rate may be very normal.  My heart rate was initially higher too.

A pacemaker cannot bring down a higher heart rate as it can prevent a heart rate from dropping below the set minimum (55 bpm in your Dad's case).  If 90 bpm continues and causes any symptoms like breathlessness, you can always speak to your Dad's doctors for advice.  They may recommend some medication to help while your Dad's heart heals

Tq for concer

by Gayy2525 - 2021-06-04 04:37:46

I much appreciate for all the reply..AgentX86

Madam Gemita Madam Tracey_Ethank yoi foe the advice and guide

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