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Hello everyone, i saw my EP the other day and reduced my medication and eliminated another. I was on flaccinide 2x a day and metropopol at 12.5 1x a day along with elliquis. Well, the last couple of years the test have shown ive had no irregular arrythmias but occasional pvc most likely from my anxiety. He decided flaccinide once a day with the small amount of metropopol will be fine. Heart rate at around 61 at rest and blood pressure 120/70. I still have bouts of anxiety that im working on so the bad part here is i might have to manage an overnite shift which im not to happy about. I called my EP and he said you should be fine. Does anybody here work the overnite and does it disturb the rhythem of the heart in any way. I could use some pointers. thanks all  



by AgentX86 - 2021-05-27 21:59:57

If you're working the night shift for long periods, it's better to just adjust your life to that schedule.  It's tough on the body's clock to keep changing and may affect sleep patterns.  A regular pattern is more important that when.  Think: jet lag. 

The big thing is to get enough sleep.  We are designed to sleep at night and it may take a while to get adjusted to the night life. Your PM shouldn't cause any additional issues unless, of course, you have the clock set on your PM.


by Julros - 2021-05-27 22:02:31

Working overnites per se shouldn't disturb your rhythm, unless you experience a lack of sleep, or rely too heavily on caffeine to keep you going. 

I working nights for 7 years (before pacer) and really struggled to get enough sleep, leading me to drink waaaay too much coffee. 


by Wm - 2021-05-30 09:08:40

When I worked nights I'd eat when I got home in the morning and go right to bed instead of staying up. I'd wake up about 3pm. Worked swing shift one year and then straight nights for three summers while at university. Good luck.

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