Pressure Dressing

Well I thought I knew about pacemaker surgery having 2 put in. Wrong ! I woke up in recovery with an ace bandage around shoulder and chest. Taped down to upper breast. Unfortunately, nurse said because of bleeding. I am very very thin with loss of muscle due to neuropathy. Has anyone had a pressure dressing ? On for 3 days. Doctor did mention he change location due to muscle loss. 


Pressure dressing

by Julros - 2021-05-27 22:06:52

I've never had a pressure dressing, but I've applied a few. The added pressure will keep blood from pooling collecting, which can be very painful, and impair healing. 

I sort of wish I would have had a pressure dressing, as I apparently had a great deal of bleeding and was left with a very puffy, very painful operative site. And it took months for the swelling and pain to decrease. 

Pressure Dressing

by Blondpacer - 2021-05-28 07:56:11

I'm sorry that happen. I took off today very painful because of my sensitive thin skin. It looks pretty good but hurts more than the others ! Take care.

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