First day back with PM/couldn’t last 30 minutes/Disability

PM implanted April 8, 2021 for Complete Heart Block AV 3rd degree.

2 weeks light duty, now just cleared for normal duty. Work is manual labor: commercial/residential.

Went back to full duty late last week. Dizzy to point of almost passing out, rapid uncontrollable heartbeat, like heart beating out of my chest. First issue since PM implanted 6 weeks ago but also first time testing myself with physical labor. Went home, urgent care said don’t come in if symptoms subsided; seems I’ll need a stress test to replicate conditions.

I’m going in for a follow-up with Cardiologist on Wednesday, who ordered an Echocardiogram for possible sick sinus syndrome now.

Now, I’m just burning days off, burned all my vacation time, barely hanging on to my job of 7 years, though they’re accommodating with situation.

The next logical step is Disability. I can’t afford 6 weeks like the last, and right now, I can’t envision returning to the same job. I need money/healthcare benefits to get me by. Definitely need HC benefits to support PM/med bills.

How terrible is the Disablity process gonna be, (still haven’t got my unemployment from last March/Covid) anybody been in this predicament, or filing for disability? Thanks



by AgentX86 - 2021-05-23 19:06:53

I know I'm a tool, but you asked...

Sorry but disability is next impossible to get and if you finally do get it, it's most often a two-year process.  There has been so much fraud that the process has been made unreasonably difficult for those who really need it.  Doctor's affadavits go unbelieved (again, a result of incredible fraud).

My DIL has MS and has been out of work for almost a year now.  There is no way she can possibly work.  She applied for it in August, IIRC, and just got her rejection notice, saying that she could get a different job.  She did call center work and was already working from home but can't even do that anymore. It's hard to believe she could get another that she can do.

It took that long to get the first rejection.  There are usually many more.  A friend of my wife's, also MS, took two years and needed to hire a lawyer to finally qualify for disability.  It's a real mess.  ...and it's like those who need disability can really afford lawyers.  Once again, your government at work.

Stress echo

by Persephone - 2021-05-23 22:40:53

Pastor - I'm sorry to hear of your experience.  I assume that you'll be undergoing a stress echo test on a treadmill in order to check for SSS.  If SSS is diagnosed, adjustments to your PM may be possible to help you feel better.  I hope you'll be able to make some progress at your appt. next week.  Good luck to you.


by Pharnowa - 2021-05-23 23:15:24

I speak from experience in working with people seeking disability only in Pennsylvania, but it may translate to other states.

Without knowing your history, I gather you are seeking disability on your heart condition. I see a couple of problems: 1) It may be viewed that the PM addressed the problem. That you feel poorly now may be due to your requiring adjustments. This would be viewed as temporary.  2) You say you were "cleared" for full work and I assume by your doctor. You must have your doctor backing your claim to disability. If they cleared you, it is doubtful they would see you as disabled. You can always ask them to reconsider but that's a very wide span between disabled and cleared to fully return to work. 

However, I will say always appeal a denied determination. Your chances greatly increase at appeal. You can use an attorney and they get paid if you win. But you can handle it yourself too. 

If you are above age 50, your odds increase for being approved, although it may take an appeal. Appeal judges tend to more or less view older workers as on their way out of the workforce anyhow. But, they will look to meet the law as to why you feel you qualify for disability.

Disability is not a solution for a temporary problem. Do you possibly have short term disability through your job? If you do not improve and the months go by, of course apply. 

Best wishes to you.


Stress Echo

by PastorMcMaliburton - 2021-05-24 00:04:01

Thanks Persephone,

When I look at my situation, it could be worse, I could be dead I suppose. But looking at the bigger picture, I just turned 40, I’m in the prime of my earning career, and I’ll just be sitting at home for the foreseeable, likely paying out of pocket for insurance and have to find a new job from scratch. People say 2020 was the worst and that bothers me. 2021 has been a sick cruel joke on me and the weight of it is starting to break me down.

I’m in a position where getting paid in cash, while waiting for potential Disability, seems like it could be attractive but all my options there involve some kind of labor. To add insult to injury, we just got a new contract at work, I’d be getting a raise effective last week and I can’t walk a flight of stairs. I’m right back to step 1 post implant except without any safety net of compensation or benefits. Sorry to vent, but this is just brutal. Gotta call my Cardiologist and Primary care offices tomorrow and I really hope I’m not talking to robots. So far, the post-op care has been pretty poor.

Yes, I hope they put me on the treadmill and either fix this thing or give me a condition worthy of Disability. This half and half/you should be good, give it another week or two b.s. is not working for me or my job.

thanks, take care

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