Need a new EP for Abbott Device

How do we find a new EP for an Abbott device? Really unhappy with current situation.

Made to wait 6 weeks after original insert procedure resulted in an atrial lead that detached 10 minutes after surgery. Second lead set to 40 bpm while we wait. Foggy, tired, and confused why the wound had to "heal" 6 weeks.

Medicare fraud has be suggested. Hospitals are penalized for readmissions less than 30 days. Sigh.

Trust is lost. Current EP knows we are angry and won't return phone calls even. Need a new one.


New EP

by AgentX86 - 2021-05-20 18:43:50

Medicare has a lot of information that they've compiled on just about anyone in the healthcare industry.  I saw (can't find it now) a list of doctors and how many charges of each type they've made to medicare.  If you wanted to look up the number of ablations a doctor has done, it's in there (the number paid by Medicare only).  Again, I forgot where it was but a search might (it is the government) find it.

Here's another starting point:


New EP

by Mike417 - 2021-05-27 18:06:13

Is your EP in a private practice?  If so do you want to stay with the practice but another doctor?  If your EP is at a University Hopital you can complain to the department head and get action that way - but then insist you wan to change EP docs.  If there is a Univ. Hospital system nearby, in network, you can ask for a consult.  Have you spoken with your cardiologist?  They may be able to recommend someone.


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