Replacing my PR

I have A3DR01 Medtronic pm. Now  after 9 years I need to replace. Any one know if Medtronic has similar device with smaller size or longer battery life¿

I am expecting newer model after almost 10 years




by Tracey_E - 2021-05-18 09:54:38

I don't know Medtronic specifics but newer ones use a different type of battery than 10 years ago and they last much longer. We always get a technology upgrade with a new one!  I'm on #5 and have found they're all about the same size. If you don't already have a home monitor, expect to get one this time, and the newer Medtronic use an app you can install on your phone. Are you sure you're staying with Medtronic? It's not a given. 

Bigger battery...

by crustyg - 2021-05-18 10:49:56

Obviously it's not Medtronic, but certainly BostonScientific offer Extended Life (EL ==bigger battery) versions of some of their PMs.  And given that Medtronic are the giants of the industry I'd be surprised if they didn't offer an -EL model.

With luck, my Accolade-EL will make 15+years - but I'm lucky, I'm presently only pacing one lead and it's at nearly perfect (==minimal) pacing output (voltage and duration): that may change.  I'm 100% paced.  The -EL PM is noticeably larger (mostly thicker) than the standard model, I'm fairly thin, but it doesn't bother me.

However, for folk with more complex requirements, a new PM box almost always comes with new technologies, better software, better remote monitoring, so there is a lot to be said for an 'upgrade' (==PM box change) every 7-9years.

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