Just curious if anyone else has been told about, offered or received the new barostim devices?  My center is ramping up to receive their first shipment and talking to possible first candidates (apparently doc thinks I might be one).  I know this different type of "pacing" if you can truly call it that is really new to market and am wondering what everyone's thoughts are.  If you need a link to the website just holler.  Otherwise google barostim and go to the manufacturers website.

Edited to add:  I know it is not really a pacemaker, but I used the term because my HF doc did.  I think this is how he tries to simplify it for patients.


Sympathovagal Imbalance - A key feature of heart failure

by Gemita - 2021-05-09 17:57:04


This sounds promising news and I shall be very interested to hear of any progress.  I hope you are offered a trial of this ?autonomic stimulation?   I need to read more about this on its effectiveness and whether there would be any interaction with your current pacing system, whether the two might cause sensing difficulties? 

It will be an interesting study to see whether any imbalances between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems can be corrected with this little device and more importantly whether it can help your doctors to treat your heart failure and improve your ejection fraction.  I would like to think it just might make a difference Asully.  I think your doctors are great and you are in good hands.  


by Julros - 2021-05-10 02:12:39

Hmm, this is intriguing, and exciting that there may be another treatment for heart failure. I am still not understanding how this works, but I plan to look more tomorrow. Perhaps it has to do with vagal stimulation? I wonder how it will work with low BP, if it is going to relax arterial walls. And I don't understand how it improves kidney function. But if, and thats a big if, it can do all they hope, this could be revolutionaryl 

Fingers crossed for you, Asully

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