I'm 44 years old. I got my 1st pacemaker when I was 24 years old. Since then, I habe broken my leads 3 times and no doctor know why. 

I got my last pair almost 3 years ago, they are still holding but I can feel them pushing my skin above by scar. I just hope they will last a little bit more as this surgeries are so painful due to the pushing and probing trying to get the old leads out.

No surgeon has being able to take 3 of my old broken leads. They are impossible to take out, and believe me, doctors have tried a lot of times. Does anyone has had the same problem? Whtat did your doctors tell you about this?


Broken leads

by crustyg - 2021-05-04 15:37:25

There may be an issue with one or both leads being pushed hard up against the underside of the clavicle. This may be due to restricted anatomy, or difficulties with venous access (narrow veins inside) which forces the docs to choose an entry point that's closer to the bone than would be ideal.

On the whole, the leads themselves are getting better all the time - no comfort for you, I do understand - so it's most likely the particular circumstances around you and your veins.  That does *not* mean that it's your fault, of course!  Recently a contributor here posted a link to a video of mechanical lead testing (repeated flexing etc.).

Someone may eventually offer you an alternative placement (R instead of Left), or possibly epicardial leads with an abdominal PM placement.  There are still other options available to you and your EP-doc.

There are plenty of folk here who've had a couple of failed leads over 20+ years, it's not that uncommon, but it's still relatively rare.  In the same way, there are now folk coming up to their 3rd hip replacement...

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