New pacer on 6-30-07

Just got my new device! Curious to know, from those who have had them for awhile, what physical limitations have you learned about that you did not expect? I'm 47 and pretty active. No contact sports, but golfing, skiing, bowling, swimming, fishing, biking, heavy yard work and some light weight lifting all part of my "pre pacer world". Any of these cause anyone problems? Thanks, Jim



by rt60 - 2007-07-02 06:07:29

I am also 47 I got my pacer on Dec. 1 last year. I am a fire fighter and I am vary active with some of the same activites that you listed. Give it some time. 99 to 100 percent of the time I do not know that it is there. There is a fine line on not useing your arm too soon and getting the frozen sholder pain as I did. I feel much better I had a low heart rate.


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by CathrynB - 2007-07-02 07:07:32

Hey Jim, Welcome to the Club!
How's your surgery and recovery going? Randy is right --move your arm as much as you can comfortably do, so you don't get frozen shoulder, but don't lift it above your shoulder until the 6 week restriction (or whatever your doc said) is over so you don't pull electrical leads.

I'm 50, also very active, and got my PM in January. I do about half the same things you do, plus running, scuba diving and mountain climbing. 5 months post op, I can run, bike, swim and do yard work. But I can't scuba dive (PM isn't rated for the water pressure that deep), and my PM site is still too sore to put a backpack strap on top of it, so no mountain climbing yet. Kayaking is a bit painful still too. And my doc said I shouldn't ski at all unless I do so very conservatively without falling -- the concern being running into something hard, or falling in such a way as to hit your PM with a ski pole. Ouch!
The great part is the fainting spells and dizziness are gone, and my hands and feet are warm now. Take care, and enjoy your new lease on life with a PM. Cathryn

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by IanMcC - 2007-07-05 05:07:09

Im 51 male and have had my pacer for 10 months now.
I'm fit and active and still working. I fly every month when joining my ship for work and don't even tell the airport people.The alarms have never gone off.
There is nothing I can't or won't do, I feel completely normal, and forget that I even have a pacer.
I even pass close to large marine generators with no ill effect. So dont worry about a thing, lifes great!!!.
All the best, Ian

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