Dizziness and fatigue

I have had a pacemaker for about 3 months. The first two months were several setting adjustments and then I started to feel like myself again. Recently I have become dizzy, tired and feeling chest pressure after working out. I have shared my symptoms with the techs from Boston Scientific and they couldn't really adjust the pacemaker to accommodate for these new symptoms. I was told that a 44 year old active female like myself is a difficult patient to figure out. It seems like they don't think my symptoms are related to the device because the device and leads are working. Does anyone have experience with settings that felt good bad then after a few weeks didn't anymore? I'm beginning to feel like the knowledge of how these devices work differently in each individual patient's body is very limited.


Not everything is PM-related

by crustyg - 2021-05-02 03:19:53

Hi: There are other things that can cause your symptoms, and you're moving into the age group where Occam's Razor no longer applies all of the time.  By which I mean you might have more than one thing wrong with you.

I'd take myself off to my Primary Care Physician and relate my symptoms there - along with a little notebook of symptoms and dates/times and what I was doing at the time.  Just writing things down sometimes shows a pattern.

Best wishes.

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