Jardiance in non-diabetic HF patients.

I made a post about jaurdiance for HFrEF several months ago but my insurance denied my claim for the medicine. Well at last, and I have nooo idea how, my HF doctors staff got it approved for me (who knows maybe they just lied and said I had diabetes).  Anyways only day two so I can't tell y'all if it's working yet for my HFrEF, but I wanted to put a post up since this is a newer use for the medication and others may want to know about it later.

So far side effects are not much different than my 4 other heart meds, headache, orthostatic hypotension, hypotension, and fatigue.  I've also had a touch of nausea but like with the others I imagine most side effects will lessen over the first few weeks.

I will try and post again in a month or so to say if I have noticed any improvements in functional capacity etc (if I remember) so that y'all have the information in case it's ever an option.

Hope you all are well and the weather is as nice as it is here!



by ar_vin - 2021-04-27 23:49:39

I know several people that are on Jardiance but they all are type 2 diabetics.

Most of them tolerate it quite well and it has significantly reduced their daily blood glucose levels and A1C (measure of blood glucose over the past three or so months). It works by not letting the kidneys reabsorb excess glucose - you end up peeing  out the glucose.

It is also known to be help lower blood pressure so your other blood pressure meds might needed to be tweaked a bit.

The only negative is potential for urinary tract infections - just keep a close eye.

I'm sure you've done your research already.

Hope it works well for you!



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