Post PM fitting underarm bruising

Hi all. I'm so grateful for this group, it's put my mind at rest on so many issues! I had a dual lead Medtronic PM fitted on 16 April, for AV heart block and a very low pulse. All seemed to go well, and I feel so much better than I have for months! However, I've noticed that since the procedure, my left underarm looks  discoloured. As I can't lift my arm properly at the moment, I can't tell if it's bruising or some weird skin problem. The texture of the skin feels different to normal, too. It was fine before the op. 

Anyone else experienced something similar? 


Underarm bruising ?

by Gemita - 2021-04-26 16:39:55


Does it feel swollen, or painful.  Any chance of getting someone to kneel down and take an underarm photo so you can view it properly without raising your arm?

Bruising can become widespread and flow to many areas as it disperses.  Bruising from around my device (left just below collarbone) for example, spread down towards my waist and kept flowing, so if you noticed any bruising initially near your armpit, this could well be the cause.  On the other hand, if you can get that pic you can send it to your doctors for a proper diagnosis.  Is your device wound healing well?  

Perhaps during implant you were not handled with care and your bruising is surfacing now.  Hopefully everything will be okay.  You sound well

Underarm bruising?

by KatieG - 2021-04-27 05:48:57

Hi Gemita. Thanks for your swift response! I realised that I could take a 'selfie' of my underarm, using my phone. It looks much better today so I suspect it's bruising. And I think the skin will improve once I'm able to move my arm more freely. The cardiologist seemed to have trouble inserting the device (possibly because I'm slight and thin) so there was a lot of manipulation went on and I was very bruised for the first few days. Other than that, the wound is healing nicely and it's a lot more comfortable now.

Really appreciate your advice and response. 

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