Sensation in ears

Not sure this is a complication but I never noticed it before day after insertion in 3/19.  I get the sensation of earbuds in both ears, so real I reach to remove headset before getting out of chair or to answer phone. I was a medical transcriptionist for 30 years, retiring 12/15.  I have had tinnitus for many years with no relief but now, the more tired I get, the sensation of the earbuds is strong. Cardiologist said ask ENT but I can't schedule appt to coincide with sensation.   BP and blood sugar are always fine when I have sensation.  Anyone else?  It may have nothing to do with PM but I didn't notice beforehand. 😕


Sounds like a good plan to see ENT

by Gemita - 2021-04-26 13:20:24

Pnut, if that is your user name, it would be helpful if you could kindly complete your Bio to give us all a bit of background information about you, your pacemaker and the condition the pacemaker is treating?  

Even if you cannot schedule an appointment to coincide with sensation, as a Tinnitus sufferer you will know that hearing unusual sounds or in this case, non sounds, that are not caused by an outside source is all part of the condition, so I would go back to ENT for further investigations or see your general doctor for an ear check.  Might be more sensible than asking here

Seasonal allergies a contributing factor?

by Persephone - 2021-04-26 15:37:20

Hi P - This may be unrelated to your issue, but tree pollen levels have been crazy high recently, at least here where I am in the mid-Atlantic US - could seasonal allergies perhaps be contributing to your discomfort? 


by Pnut - 2021-04-28 21:44:58

I was asking to see if anyone has experienced same symptoms. Have asked a few coworkers but no one has experienced or has PM. 

Tinnitus and PM

by Kend - 2021-04-29 07:29:57

Dear Pnut,

I am also suffering for Tinnitus for the past five (5) months. But, it as nothing to do with my PM that I have for past eleven (11) years. However, I was advised to treat my Tinnitus with "Ring free Tinnitus relief supplement". For the moment I am waiting to receive my supplement

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