Chest pain

Its been a month since implant and I have had a weird pressure/discomfort in the center of my chest.  Its almost like I had been coughing too hard for a long time but I haven't been coughing.   Sometimes aches in the same area of the chest when I swallow (I was NOT intubated) for the implant.  This has appeared off and on since the surgery but have felt it more in the last couple days.   

Any thoughts?   


Pressure in the chest

by AgentX86 - 2021-04-25 22:56:28

This is most likely nothing to worry about but you probably should see your PCP about it.  This isn't likely anything to do with your pacemaker but anything's possible.  It's likely more of a gastric issue than PM related. The swallowing thing points that way.  It's possible that one causes the other. 

Is this dead-center (sternum) or slightly to one side or the other? 

If in doubt, see your doctors.  Don't take medical advice from anyone on the Internet.

chest pressure

by mgreen26 - 2021-04-30 13:29:38

Thanks for your reply.  Yeah, the pain is in the middle of the chest and only notice now when I lay on my side. Very mild sensation that feels likes it's wrapped around my throat/larynx. It's uncomfortable but not too painful, just really uncomfortable.   I have brought this up and doc put me on a anti-inflammation drug with leaning to diagnosis of pericarditis. Also had an Echocardiogram yesterday and awaiting results. 

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