Renpho Scale

Anyone using a Renpho scale without an issue? I thought maybe I could still use it once a week or with shoes. Any opinions? 

Also, I received a battery powered heated vest as a gift and I'm trying that out but don't know if it's ok. 


Renpho scale, No - Heated vest - Yes

by AgentX86 - 2021-04-25 18:59:11

Anything that passes current thought the body is off limits.  That includes TENS units and BMI measuring scales.

A heated vest wouldn't be any problem.  Any magnetism or EMI would be trivial unless there are rare-earth magnetic catches, or some such.



by Jean Anne - 2021-05-01 09:16:45

Thanks for everyone's help. I used the Renpho scale today with my slippers. I didn't like the numbers as much as when I'm naked but I felt safer. 😁🙏

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