Coping with transition to having a Pacemaker

Hi all well I'm doing well. However the transition from no pacemaker to having one is strange. 10 days today since I had a twin lead pacemaker fitted. I'm 53 this year in the Army and still serving. Not able to deploy now but I'm fit and worried with what I'm going to be able to do.

Good family and friends around me. That helps.

The thing is I feel the leads inside me it's strange and the pacemaker well I'm just feeling it move.

Looking forward to ridding my motorbike and driving too. However its changed my life already I don't feel tired. The little sucker won't let my heart rate drop to 43 - 45 I'm so pleased with RPH Cambridgeshire uk



hope you continue to make good progress

by Gemita - 2021-04-22 16:34:28

Hello JP 1968,

I also struggled to get a diagnosis for years and had a loop recorder placed which quickly confirmed the syncope, pausing, arrhythmias (tachy/brady syndrome) - part of the Sick Sinus Syndrome - which led to my dual chamber pacemaker implant in 2018.

Do you know what your final diagnosis was, why you have a pacemaker?  I am assuming with a heart rate of 43-45 bpm you had bradycardia.  Were you told you had Sick Sinus Syndrome (SSS)?

Others younger and more athletic than me will tell you that once you are healed there is little you won't be able to do, so that will be nice to look forward to.  You sound as though your life in the Army will be an active one in any event, which is just the encouragement you need.  

You shouldn't be feeling your pacemaker leads inside you, although in the first few weeks many strange sensations I recall seemed to surface.  I too felt my pacemaker move slightly when stretching and reaching up but I observed the 6 week restrictions not to do this while I was healing, although we need to keep our pacemaker side arm moving gently to avoid frozen shoulder setting in.

I see you are in the UK too.  I have family in Saffron Walden.  At 10 days you should be able to drive a vehicle.  Have you checked with your doctors and with the DVLC whether there is a further restriction on your ability to drive?  A heavier vehicle perhaps not, but your private car should be okay now depending on your heart condition and what type of device you have.  Do ask.

Welcome and continue to make good progress

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