Had my second pacemaker installed yesterday !

I had forgotten just how soar it was, 8 years ago.   Be good as new again in a week or so. 

Back buying , selling, overhauling engines and equipment.  Did I mention I am also retired ?  LOL !!


Speedy recovery !

by Tulp - 2021-04-16 20:43:46

Hello Buddy


Great news !

I wish you a lot of fun with your news occupation and a speedy and smooth recovery. They say the first is the worst, so youll be fine I suppose.

Which part of Virginia aere you from ? My sister lives there, loved it...


by AgentX86 - 2021-04-16 21:13:07

It may be that the surgeon got a  bunch more nerves this time.  As you know,  this ,too, shall pass.  -)

It sounds like you had it easier when you were working!  I was between jobs a about fifteen years ago and never worked so hard in my life nor had so much fun doing it. I'll be trying it again, permanently again in a few months. No commitment yet. Postponed twice but boss decided to beat me out the door, so...

and selling

by Buddy22 - 2021-04-17 22:01:17


I am in eastern Virginia. Not far from Tappahannock.



I enjoy working and keeping machinery operating.. Buying / selling eqyuipment , meeting new people in doing so. 

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