PM moves close to armpit

Good day everyone! Anybody felt their device moves slide down to your armpit? Mine was planted close to my shoulder and armpit. Si when I raised my hands it moves too! Now I was not allowed to raise it further up and got to live with it. It sores occasionally particularly when putting on clothes forgot sometimes. I felt pain on my wires under my breast ( it twitch before so they adjusted device). I am scared that I may pull it up if I forgot and annoyed and depressed of having it (some moment). I felt it occasional itch sometimes on it. And now am coughing a bit just mild. Am not taking any medications anymore besides Temazepan (trouble sleeping). I cannot sleeps on my left sides anymore, it sores putting weight on it) also when I carry and lift a bit heavier.  Please drop me some lines it's been 15 months now my incision. Thank you. 


My pacemaker too is close to left armpit

by Gemita - 2021-04-16 12:29:13


I am really sorry to hear you are still struggling with your device and not feeling comfortable.  Did you ever get a second opinion about moving it or "securing" it better, or seeking an opinion from a pain consultant to see what can be done to ease your discomfort/pain?  I am afraid unless we push for answers and a solution, nothing will be done because your pacemaker team will think you are coping.  You have to let them know you are not. 

My device sometimes feels as though it is residing in my left armpit and I can feel it too, but my pacemaker was implanted almost 3 years ago now so i am becoming more comfortable.  I know we all say this, but for some, it takes much longer to heal than for others and the slippage of your device obviously isn't helping.  If your present doctors are unwilling or unable to help, I would get a second opinion and try to find a solution.  Quality of life is important and if you are feeling miserable your health will suffer.

The sleeping on the left side may take longer to resolve.  Some of us are never able to sleep comfortably on the left side again. I was able to sleep on my left side after about one year.  At first I used a pillow as extra padding against my device, so that movement could be kept to a minimum.  It certainly helped me to keep my device "still" because I felt a "pulling sensation" lying on the left without a pillow.  If you can keep your device still, you will feel it less, so I reckon it is down to extra padding until you can get a second opinion on what can be done to help you?  Maybe by "securing" the device better your symptoms will improve and this shouldn't be so difficult to achieve.  Ask your doctors if they can do this without invasive surgery?


Sometimes feels "funny"

by TLee - 2021-04-16 18:42:38

My pm is also very near my armpit, and I do get some odd sensations (I am 3 months out from my procedure). I don't think the device moves so much as my body moves under & around it. I sleep in any position that I want, but it does seem that skin, tissue, OK I'll say FAT, moves to either put pressure on the site or stretch away from it, depending on how I'm lying. It can sometimes feel a little sore or numb/tingley. I also have soreness under certain clothing, as well as the minor stinging sensations that come from nerves that are still healing. I'm pretty sure that all this is normal & temporary, but if you are really uncomfortable (and especially if movement is affected), I agree that you should seek medical advice.   

PM Moved to armpit area

by benedeni - 2021-04-21 10:08:43

I am almost 2 years since my surgery.  All was good for first year and a half.  Suddenly noticed this bulge near my underarm area.  Turned out it's my pacemaker.  Quite concerned at first and a bit uncomfortable.  Visited my pacemaker doc and he said it is not an unusual occurrence.  Advised to just leave it there unless things change and it begins flipping.  This could cause the wires to twist and cause issues.  I am very protective of that area.  Good news is I seem to be tolerating it better there.  One problem which I can get around I think, is I am due for a Mammogram.  Common sense tells me all that squeezing would not be a good thing in PM's current location!  At 77 I would forego the mammogram except for history of cancer on the right side, also 2 years ago.  Take care and I'm sure you'll know when the time comes for intervention.  

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