Moving 1st PM Subcutaneous to Intra/Sub Pectoral

I just had my 1st PM implanted on 3/19/21 for AVB 2nd.  I had asked the surgeon a couple of times before surgery how would it look and more importantly would it be safe around my two very active Boxer Dogs.  He said just a "small bump," and "no problem" with the dogs.

However in reality, and I am feeling a great deal of concern and looking like Frankenstein(wife's word).  The device (Medtronic AsureXT) is significantly raised above the surrounding area, so much so, the skin over the device feels stretched and subject to damage with any contact.  For physical context, I am male, 66, 5'8", and 165lbs.

So now it looks like having the PM relocated to Intra/Sub Pectoral is in the near future.  My question to the group, and hopefully some who have actually had to do this is...... how soon and what can I expect in terms of difficulty and recovery in this surgical process.

I look forward to your feedback and will really appreciate anything you might share.


Sub-pectoral PM implant

by ar_vin - 2021-04-13 22:13:39

I requested my EP for a sub-pec implant; he readily agreed and placed it as requested.

This was my first (and thus far) only PM implant.

The recovery was unremarkable and the pain was not bad. I did not take any pain killers either - during my overnight hospital stay or the next several days after discharge from the hospital. I did ice the site the first night after the implant in the hospital and the next few days at home.

Now, moving the PM might be a different experience - I can't comment on that!

I just wish patients challenged their physicians more often and not just take their word without question.

IMO for younger physically active folks a sub-pec implant should be the default option. The initial recovery might be a bit longer by a few days but the longer term benefits far outweigh that temporary inconveniece.







by randypmc - 2021-04-13 22:18:20

Thanks for the feedback.  I agree and I should have pushed harder for placement options.  I am 66, but in good shape and lean, so it stands out and is just waiting for a Boxer paw to swipe at it.  We were a little hampered by COVID in that I had a 20 min ZOOM call with the EP, and then a string of emails before surgery.  The first time we ever met was as I was being rolled into the surgical room.


by AgentX86 - 2021-04-13 23:20:54

I had mine installed sub-Q, as well.  I'm a bit larger than you (5'10", 200) and a little older (68).  Mine is clearly visible, with the leads snaking up to my collar bone, as well.  It's also rather larger than yours because it's a CRT-D (W4TR01) but it doesn't bother me much.

Are they really going to move it?  I wouldn't have thought that anyone would pay for the procedure.

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