Pacemaker moved?

I'm 2 weeks post op and my pacemaker seems to have moved! My surgeon told me he put it in the previous cavity (submammary) but now I feel it poking out my side. Is there a chance it will move back? Can I gently massage it back in? I don't really want to go in for another general anaesthesia to move it so was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences and what they did?

thank you in advance!


Ask for an early appointment with your surgeon for an opinion

by Gemita - 2021-04-12 13:55:40

Hello Funkymoocow, great name.

There have been a number of "pacemaker movement" posts in the past and recently from members, so hopefully you have benefited from any responses. 

I certainly wouldn't advise you to massage your device back into position, even if you feel as though you can do so.  I would leave it for the professionals to manipulate your device if they feel it can be safely pushed back and held into a better position.  They may want to carry out imaging beforehand so that they can clearly see the position of your leads and how they can safely restore a good working position for your new pacemaker.  Some movement can be normal.  Mine has moved slightly towards my left armpit.

I know you don't want another general anaesthetic and maybe it won't come to this, perhaps they can do something under a local anaesthetic, but the sooner you get professional help and an opinion on your options, the better, the safer for you.  I presume you don't have any worsening symptoms which might suggest pacing problems from movement of your device/leads?  No please do not manipulate your own device.  It could cause damage and pacemaker failure and then you would really be in trouble.

Be brave, ask to be seen, so that you will know what lies ahead.  Good luck

Thank you

by funkymoocow - 2021-04-13 07:08:04

Thank you Gemita for your lovely and kind response. You're absolutely right - I guess I'm just a bit scared as I'm not a fan of hospital stays! Luckily I've been able to book in an early appointment with my doctor tomorrow. Fingers crossed it's an easy and smooth fix.

Thank you again, your reply has made my day :)

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