magnet in talking remote for tv

Hi just got a new remote for the TV that you talk to to along with a new cable converter box from Comcast/infinity.  Today held  the remote close to the pacemaker(was not thinking).  Got very dizzy.  Of course once i moved the remote away and closed my eyes was ok.  Thank goodness i was sitting down.  Did not have a problem with the other one as did not speak into that one.

Tried talking to the remote at arms length, could not hear me. 

 Called Comcast this morning, finally got the right person.  Thought since this was the latest model XR 15.  Was a stronger radio frequency.  

She said she will put a note for all technians when installing the new remotes.  Should mention that their might be a problem if you have a pacemaker.  

 Now sending me out a new remote that has the larger buttons.  When this one gets to me.  Should take out the batteries of the voice one.  Was told that these batteries last only about 3 months.  That the TV screen would tell me when to replace.

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Infinity Verbal Command TV Remote

by Marybird - 2021-04-11 17:46:40

We've had two of those for a number of years, and I've had my pacemaker for close to two years now, and have used both those remotes a lot during that time. I've noticed no problems at all.

My daughter, who lives with us also has a pacemaker, and she has never reported a problem with the remotes either.


by new to pace.... - 2021-04-11 18:13:49

tried reading the instructions that came with it.  To see if it mentions pacemaker.  But the print is so small. 

Did look at the Medtronic book, does mentions remotes but that seemed to not mention for TV's. 

six inches

by Tracey_E - 2021-04-12 08:55:37

Comcast isn't likely to be helpful. 

When in doubt, the rule of thumb is keep it 6" from your device. It's not going to hurt us, the worst it can do, as you learned, is very temporarily put it in test mode. Same as when they put the puck over it to interrogate. 

An easy way to test is to interrogate the pacer. If it switched modes, it will show up in the report. Do you have a home monitor? If so, send a download and let them know what day/time it happened so they can check it. Until then, just be conscious of how close it gets to your device when you use it. 


by new to pace.... - 2021-04-12 09:09:49

thanks Tracey_E.  I have a remote tranmission coming up on April 15th, Am going to be seen at the pacemaker clinic on April 15th.  Will let them know to look at the dates of April 10 & 11.  That i had that problem.

Last night i held it at arms length  on the right side to talk, of course it could not hear me.

Maybe Comcast will give me a free channel in hopes i do not stir up trouble for them.

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rate monitor

by dwelch - 2021-04-13 21:50:11

get one of those led based heart rate monitors that clip on your finger. if your rate is not in the 60s then do whatever you think causes this.  does your rate change and lock on on a rate?  if you are in the 60s then walk around or something and get it up some then try this while continuing to do stuff.   

I cant remotely see how this is magnet related, how much stuff can you put between this remote and the fridge and have it hold stuff to the fridge?   You need to be right on top of the device near perfectly placed to have it affect the device.  So it is not a magnet thing, it is battery powered yes so not possible to be emi fields either. (would need to be pluged into the wall with some beefy wires, would be pretty hefty and you could probably hear the metal plates humming just like a transformer).

Not possible for it to accidently communicate with the device or interfere on a protocol level.

Is it an infra red remote (if you put your hand over the front end of it or you put it under a blanket, does it still work)?  Or radio?

Were you watching a scary movie or having adult beverages or something at the time?

If the problem goes away with the new one then so be it.  I see no way possible for this device to interfere with a pacemaker..(other than using it a club to strike at the device and even then the device should be stronger than the remote, skin on the other hand isnt).

This is a really good way to get upgraded devices though, Im sure they are happy to send more devices with a complaint like this.  

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