I switched cardiologist because he would only spend 2-3 minutes with me and he cancelled everybodys appointment that day and I made mine a month out. My new cardiologist spent at least 20 minutes with me and he was shocked that I was given an icd without an angiogram prior to surgery, he was not happy when no stress test was given. He stated he probably doesn't think I needed one however he made an appointment for me to have a stress test by the end of this month. Anyways my icd been in me since November 2020 my chest feels achy not in the center, on either side. My blood pressure is normal I was just recently diagnosed with gerd. It came about a month ago. Ever since I had this icd put in my way of life turned upside down. 

All the doctors said I'm going to have a normal life, really? I'm afraid to eat because of the gerd,  the nurse said it takes at least a year for a person body to recover from having it put in.

I just don't know what to believe.




by AgentX86 - 2021-04-08 23:58:12

It sounds like your main problem is GERD.  Perhaps you should see a gastroenterologist, rather than relying on your cardiologist.  Antacids treat only part of the issue.  The problem may not be heart related at all.

Yes, it is unusual to implant an ICD without a lot more testing than the did.  Did you have an echocardiogram?  That would tell the extent of your CHF.  If the ejection fraction is very low, an ICD is in order but there still should have been some diagnostic work done.

I wonder why the nurse thinks it takes a year to recover from an ICD implant.  That would be exceptional.  I guess it matters what "recover" means.  For most it's in weeks, with perhaps a odd lingering nerve sensations for a few monts after that.

Or, perhaps I'm not understanding your issues.

Heart burn & GERD ( GORD in the UK)

by Selwyn - 2021-04-09 10:29:24

Hi Lacuna Coil,

Let me tell you that antacids are a waste of space for GERD!  Antacids will not stop damage to your gullet. You need a proton pump inhibitor ( I have taken one for years). 

Things to do with GERD

1. Eat small and often ( Big meals reflux)

2. Avoid foods/drinks that upset you ( eg. alcohol, caffeine, fizzy drinks etc)

3. Avoid eating before bedtime

4. Prop the head of the bed up ( a couple of bricks at each upper corner- pillows don't work unless they are between the divan and mattress!)

5. Use an alginate after meals

6. Be on a proton pump inhibitor eg. Lansoprazole  etc.

7. If your tummy is sticking out it is sticking up into your chest- loose weight.

8. Avoid stooping from the waist- bend the knees!

Hopefully your heartburn/GERD symptoms will resolve. It is sometimes very difficult to distinguish between heart pain and reflux pain- you can have manometry and ph studies done on your lower gullet to see how bad the problem is. Gastroscopy will show the damage ( if any) to your lower gullet ( I have had that pleasure) .  Continual acid damage can be associated with oesophageal cancer! Best to get onto a proton pump inhibitor to stop acid damage.

A small number of people benefit from surgery for GERD.

Having an ICD should be without symptoms ( unless it goes off!). Did you ask your nurse why 12 months to get used to an ICD? What is supposed to be happening in that time? What rubbish!

You life would be made much better by some proper medical care.

I am most sorry to hear that you should be so upset by this problem that if correctly treated should not be an issue to you. Some of the management is up to you, and some up to the medics you trust sort out your symptoms. A partnership.





by Julros - 2021-04-09 14:48:02

I am sorry you are having so much discomfort. I cannot speak to testing before ICD, but it is done deal, for now. Regarding discomfort, in my opinion, based on experiences post here and research on post-op pain, women seem to have prolonged pain. 

Yes, I suggest getting a consult from a GI specialist. Stress and anxiety can worsen GERD, and the resultant pain increases stomach acid production and GERD. A proton pump inhibitor (PPI) may help, but it can take several days. Prolonged use of PPIs is not reccomended unless at the direction of a physician. They can inhibit vitamin absorption to start. There are several over the counter PPIs, but for me, prescription pantoprozole worked the best. You also may have Helicobacter pylori, an infection that can result in ulcers. 

I had a bout with chest/abdominal pain about 5 years ago and I was popping antacids like candy. My provider was convinced I had cancer. I ended up with calcific tendonitis in my shoulders, aka, calcium deposits.  A GI work up, including an US, CT MRI and endoscopy showed GERD. Pantoprozole, accupuncture and a job change brought it under control. 

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