Vigilant X4 CRT-D

On March 15 2021 I was fitted with biventricular device because I have CHF moderate to severe, one week or so it was fine, I got energy I started to go on my walks was feeling good, but about 10 days after that I started to have high rate of heart beats like racing, started to retain water in my lungs, belly and ankles, it got bad so I checked myself into the hospital and I'm still there as I write this. So far no one really knows why I'm having these issues with retaining fluids, best guess I heard is that the third lead did irritated the heart's muscle and it's causing the high rate of the heart beats. Anyone here had similar experience or anyone has any idea?


Please seek advice from your medical team

by Gemita - 2021-04-08 08:07:13

You are really in the best position (in hospital) to get a meaningful diagnosis.  Please make sure you leave hospital with some answers and a firm treatment plan to help with your symptoms.  Good luck


by Roger A - 2021-04-10 01:06:10

Thank you for the response, they did figure it out, it was my medication that needed to be changed, so now I feel much better, I hope it continues


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