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Hello. Iam a 75 yr old male with second pacemaker. My problem is SOB on any kind of incline.    Had nuclear stress test done In dec before     second pm procedure.All was ok with a 55 Ef. I had same problem with old pacemaker about 5 yrs ago. They turned up activity mode and all was good.

  Question. Can that be tweaked  up again without rasing my heart rate too high. Just walking accoss room will raise pulse to 100. It will go back to 70-80 in a bit.

 Any suggestions would be appreciated.




by AgentX86 - 2021-04-07 21:57:11

We need to know more about you.  Why do you need a pacemaker?  Are you chronotropically incompetent (heart rate doesn't change with exercise)? 

It's hard to guess but it sounds like you are CI, so your PM has to decide what your heart rate should be when exercising.  If this is the case, yes, there are a bunch of settings that are designed to tune your pacemaker response to you and your needs.  Everyone is different and one size doesn't fit all.  It can take a while to get things straightened out. You need to push your EP and/or device clinic to make this happen.


by tachy - 2021-04-08 06:00:33

I have never been told I have CI.  I Have the pacemaker because of SSS. I also have afib.

SSS and CI

by AgentX86 - 2021-04-08 16:38:55

CI often goes along with SSS.  Sick Sinus Syndrome is just that.  The Sinus node (the heart's natural pacemaker) regulates the heart rate based on the blood's oxygen demand (actually CO2 concentration),  If the sinus node is "sick" this mechanism also breaks down.  Not always, but often.

If you have CI, then the pacemaker has to take up this slack.  Since it can't know anything about blood chemistry, it has to guess using some other stimulus.  Most pacemakers use motion (bumps) as a proxy for oxygen demand.  Since the two aren't necessarily linked, tuning is needed for the optimum guess. 

There are many other settings but the Rate Response settings are the ones most linmked to performance.  If you don't have CI, then RR is probably not turned on and forget everything I've said.

SSS and CI

by tachy - 2021-04-08 17:43:24

Thanks Agentx86.

  Very useful info that I will follow up on.

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