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I'm seeing my chiropractor tomorrow and he mentioned using a tens machine to relax my back muscles is this wise with a pm?



by Tracey_E - 2021-03-30 17:04:50

I've been told not to use tens. But that was after I'd already used it and felt fine. My doctor said it was ok on extremeties but not torso. My manufacturer says not at all. Check with your doctor. 

What about electrolysis for hair removal?

by asully - 2021-03-30 20:10:09

Sorry I know this thread was about tens units but I remembered that for a long time I had wondered if an electrolysis hair removal machine would be ok,  and I imagine the current is less than a tens unit.  I use a bioimpeadance scale which clearly says not to use it if you have a pacemaker and never had any problems (just living on the wild side I guess).

And in case your wondering it would be for my 5 o clock shadow on my upper lip!


by AgentX86 - 2021-03-30 22:29:48

TENS was one of the things I was strictly warned against.  Even the scales that calculate body mass by passing a small current through the body are off-limits.  If I were you, I'd get the definitive answer from your EP and not use it until you get the answer

I'd certainly tell the Chiropractor that you have a PM and to stay way away from your upper torso.  The sensing current in the leads is tiny.  TENS current is huge, by comparison.  If your pacemaker's sensing function is overriden by the TENS, very bad things can happen.


by Tracey_E - 2021-03-31 09:32:31

As far as I know, electrolysis is ok. Years ago I asked about laser hair removal and was told no. More recently, I asked again at a dermatologist (rather than a salon). They did some research and said that it is safe. 

Probably NOT

by Janenotarzan - 2021-04-03 01:16:42

At the chiropractor, accompanied by a friend. After my session/realignment, the chiropractor begins explaining the benefits of TENS, and I excitedly agree to make an appt for that experience.  My friend then hesitantly interrupts, asking me if that treatment would have any effect on my PM.  I was stupified!  I'd had my PM about 3 years then, and was to the point where I literally forgot I even had it for months on end.  I turned to the chiropractor, and mentioned that, "oh, yeah, I have a PM. I have SSS, tachy/brady, and had a cardiac arrest a few yrs back. Im paced a goodly % of the time."  Poor man looked a bit peaked, and told me that TENS was NOT an option for me.   I was bummed. My friend suggested he add more questions to his intake forms, to jog the memories of persons who forget they are cyborgs.

Ask your PM doctor

by heartu - 2021-04-03 14:43:41

I asked my EP back in 2019 when I was having lower back issues. My DH has a tens unit he uses at home. Doctor said to bring the unit in and to activate it on my lower back and they would monitor my PM while activated. I had no problems, but was advised that I should only use it on my lower back and body. More distal to the pm.

Thanks Tracy!

by asully - 2021-04-04 00:52:00

I know it was a silly question in the big scheme of things but I always wondered, even have asked some of my cardio and EPs and they never know either, I figured at worst it would cause a temporary disruption and put it in "magnet/saftey mode". I have also never had problems with riding in a Prius despite being warned by a cardio, or by bioempedence scales.  In fact at cardiac rehab following my first procedure in 2016 they used a big fancy bioempendence scale on ALL patients even paced ones, they said they had never had a problem!  I sometimes wonder if a lot of the warnings are just to avoid a frivolous lawsuit of some kind, like all companies they have to protect themselves.  I once was curious about and EMP weapon and how that would affect pacers of patients within range (yes I know I think of all kinds of weird stuff).  I did some research and found papers from military testing that was actually done on different pacemakers and apparently an EMP didn't do anything and they recommended that any military personnel be told to try and place themselves in a metal bathtub before an EMP attack just to be safe and said the disruption would likely only last a second or two if at all (and by disruption I believe they meant magnet/saftey mode switch).  Anyways, it was a while ago and if any one is curious I imgagine you could dig it up lmao.


edited to add:  a friend of mine had some of those make your own VR goggles and I didn't read the fine print and had them in my lap for several minutes before seeing a warning on them to keep 5 feet from pacemakers lol.

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